How it works


1. It's easy to get started using with a free account. Just choose the 'Sign up' option at the top of our homepage, to register for a new account. You can also login using your Facebook,Twitter or Google+ account.

2. After logging in to, choose the 'Single' or 'Multiple' option, depending on how many URLs you want to shorten. Then paste your long URLs into the entry box at the top of the Dashboard page.

3. Customize your shortened links, by choosing from the list of available domains. You can also create custom aliases, add password protection, enable geo-targeting, and add custom descriptions for any short URL that you create on

4. Once you have selected the desired options, click the 'Shorten' button, to generate your new short URLs. You can instantly share your short URLs with your followers and fans on Facebook or Twitter, right from the Dashboard page, or share them anywhere online by exporting your URL list to your local machine.

5. Now with you can also create a custom vanity URL for your peronal or business this way you can give you identity to your link. Promote your business identity and understand your traffic, track clicks using easy and free for limited time.

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