Best Destinations in Croatia for Relaxation

If peace and relaxation are at the top of your mind this summer, Croatia has got your back with sprawling landscapes and sleepy towns which define serenity. From the towering marvel of Dubrovnik to the star of northern Istria that is Rovinj and everything in between, the nation is built for idyllic getaways.

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

If there were a top ten list of the planet’s most enthralling national parks, Plitvice would certainly be vying at the high end. This UNESCO heritage site presents nature’s magnificent serving of sixteen lakes, which intertwine to realize amazing greenery, heart-throbbing waterfalls, and emerald springs that’ll fill your mind with blissful thoughts.

Its forested trails are perfect for a therapeutic picnic or afternoon walk, while the tree line harbors indigenous birdlife and friendly wildlife.

2. Dubrovnik


The “Pearl of the Adriatic” is a phrase synonymous with the charming city that lays at the foot of a blanket of blue seas and is brimming with terracotta-hued rooftops. Dubrovnik’s most scenic highlight is a striking cable car which takes you down a forested mountainside preceding a UNESCO-listed Old Town.

A walk through the glistening marble streets is perfect for letting loose as is a stroll along inspiring city walls overlooking grand baroque churches and early-century architecture.

3. Zagorje Region

For a private escape into a world of sun rays shimmering off the water with vegetation eclipsing cliffs in the distance, Zagorje is the place to be. This haven tucked to the north of the nation’s capital is perfect for romantic trips thanks to a collection of thermal springs, hilltop vineyards, and medieval castles.

History lovers and wine enthusiasts will also feel right at home courtesy of the iconic Trakošćan Castle and the many traditional wine taverns.

4. Makarska

Makarska features heavily on travel blogs for its lovely stretches of hilly and forested landscapes sandwiched between pearl blue skies and similarly colored waters. Tranquility and freedom ring all around the region, offering a nice break from the activities of busy towns such as Split.

It is a nature lover’s paradise availing enticing beaches suited for family adventures and dramatic peaks offering sweeping views of profoundly memorable horizons. The Omis Pirate Festival adds to its lure as does the nearby island of Brač.

5. Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park

Mljet earns a place on account of its pristine packaging, ensuring a treat for those fascinated with the outdoors. The island is one of the country’s southernmost landmasses, and this geographical position provides calm and relaxation that is hard to get anywhere else.

The park therein is rife with shaded lagoons, pine forests and glittering saltwater lakes, making for excellent grounds for kayaking, biking, camping, and hiking. Those into wreck diving will certainly fancy exploring the mystery of Odysseus’s cave off the coast.

This Balkan nation has several quiet places to relax in, and if you’d like to buy a home in Croatia and settle down, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. The people are warm and welcoming, and you can also say the same of the weather, politics, culinary industry, and real estate market.