Essential Items Needed By Any Golfer

An onlooker might think that a golfer carries a bag for nothing at all. Whether a beginner or a pro, a golfer has a bag that contains all the essential items that will help him play a good game.

Golf players can use these little tools for various purposes. Whether they walk or ride in a cart during the play rounds, a golfer’s bag is always stocked with the essential on-course equipment.

From a set of clubs, balls, shoes, tees, divot tool, and many other little yet important things, a golfer’s bag can help both new and seasoned players to be fully ready before they take the swing in the course.

Golf equipment

Essential things needed by a golfer

Golf balls

Carry enough balls on your bag so that you will not run out of them while in the course. If you lack golf balls, you will inevitably delay your game. Worse, you might collect stray balls of other players, which might be too inconvenient for you. 

Golf clubs

Find clubs that you like or feel good to carry. You can pick from many brands for wood, iron, driver, wedge, and putter.


Weather is unpredictable. You might see yourself in the course on a chilly day or night. Be ready with a jacket to protect you from getting wet either from the drizzle or a stray shower. Make sure that you carry a waterproof brand.


Of course, an extra raincoat is much of a burden to carry while you are swinging in the course. Not to mention, the weight it adds to your bag is a bit annoying. To avoid this, bring an umbrella with you, to protect you

both from the sun and storm. Umbrella is a non-negotiable item, indeed.


This small thing is full of purpose. Whether you get a cut or abrasion during the game, band-aids will always protect you from further medical trouble. It’s just small and light, anyway, but its value is of gold during your game.

Lip balm

The sun’s heat will cause your lips to crack and dry. Don’t hesitate to apply a lip balm immediately so you will feel refreshed.

Banana or energy bars

Banana, energy bars, or a pack of granola can help you sustain your energy in the course, especially when you see yourself a bit far from the beverage cart.

Bug bite device

You will be playing in an open field with trees, shrubs, and flowers around you. There is a tendency that some bugs or insects will bite you. A bug bite device does not cost much, but it will help you remove the venom from the insect bites. Not to mention, it will relieve the pain and swelling in your body.

Adhesive tape

If using a band-aid might be too bulky for you, then try an adhesive tape to wrap your fingers during the game. If Tiger Woods had it, why can’t you?


Bring a towel to wipe your face or hand, and yes, clean your clubs, especially when you don’t have a caddie around.


It’s a shame to have run out of tees in the course. 

Divot repair tool

Play well and play clean in the course. Have a ready divot repair tool when a spare tee doesn’t make it suitable for you.

Nail clippers

Nail clippers help you remove your hangnail that might bring distraction as you grip your club.


Sharpie is a must because, as a golfer, you want to leave your unique personality and mark to your golf ball.


This gadget will help you play efficiently in the field.


Use a pouch for any loose items that you have.

Wire brush

A wire brush will quickly free the grass and dirt off your clubs.

Ball markers

For the apparent reason, it’s good to collect them.

Ice pack

Icepack brings coolness to the back of your neck during the hot day in the course. It also gives instant relief when you accidentally hit your ankle with your putter.

Extra pair of socks

From sweaty feet or wet shoes due to moisture or shower, an extra pair of socks will save you from inconvenience.

Extra gloves

You can use your extra gloves for the same reason as the extra socks, for you to feel refreshed, especially when you are wet or sweating around.


Sunscreen is a must when you are in the open field and under the mercy of the sweltering weather. A bottle of sunscreen will keep your skin from further trouble.

Extra pencils

It would help if you had pencils with erasers for your score-keeping needs.


Have a ready bottle of Purell to sanitize and wash away the dirt in your hands.

Pack of business cards

Well, you will never know whom you are going to meet in the course.

Some cash in small bills

Be ready with some small bills for tips or bets or check out options like sbobet. You can also use it to buy some stuff at the beverage cart.

Bottle opener

For the apparent reason, when you near a beverage cart.

Portable phone charger

You won’t miss your moment in the course if you have a ready phone with a full battery. You can also use an extra USB cord for the golf cart.

lighter or matches

If you smoke and you have ready lighter or match with you, the chances are that you will make new or more friends with fellow smokers who forgot to bring their light in the course.