Kotatsu Table – The Only Table You Will Ever Need

About the Kotatsu Table

A kotatsu table is a Japenese low lying table that is made of wood which is covered by a heavy blanket or a futon and it has a built-in heating source. This is a table that heats up even when it’s extremely cold. 

A Kotatsu table is great for having fun like playing with Play-Doh and more! The kotatsu table first originated with a charcoal heat source under the ground and has evolved into the electric version that’s manufactured today. The electric heater is affixed to the bottom of the table and you can remove the tabletop to insert a blanket or futon in between, which acts as an insulator for the heat. 

While the kotatsu table originated as a piece of Japanese furniture, it’s slowly becoming popular in the western countries as well since there are many benefits to it over a normal table or space heater.

Reasons to buy a Kotatsu Table

Save Electricity

The biggest reason we recommend buying a Kotatsu table is to save electricity. Space heaters not only take a long time to heat up your room but also consume up a lot of electricity while doing so. In addition to that, the heat escapes to the top, so you’re essentially heating up all the space above you before feeling the warmth from the heater. In comparison, the Kotatsu table only heats up space under the table, which is all space that you’re taking up and the blanket acts as an insulation that prevents heat from escaping. This can help you save a significant amount on your electricity bill. 

Quick Way to Warm Up

Those that live in cold countries would know the feeling of waiting for the heater to warm up your room. It could take your central heating system anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to finally heat up your room to a good temperature. If you have a space heater, it does a good job of warming up if you’re closeby, but the rest of your body is freezing. A kotatsu table can fully warm up within minutes and once you go into the insulated blanket, your entire body can feel the warmth.   Then you can relax and enjoy a great option like https://s-bobet.com.

Versatile Interior Decoration

Kotatsu tables not only function as both a heater and a table, but they are also customizable as interior decoration. There are different designs for both the table and blanket to match the theme of your living space. The kotatsu is mainly a piece of winter furniture, so when you’re not using the heater in the summer, you can remove the blanket and use it as a normal coffee table. 

Social Time

The kotatsu table is also a great way to stay in touch with family or roommates and bond over having a meal and catching up. During winter, families usually sit around the table and have meals, have conversations, watch television, and play games. This is a cheap and convenient method of keeping the entire family warm and also a time for relaxation.

Great for Napping

Under the Kotatsu table is also a really great spot for taking a nap. In the past, it was a Japanese taboo to sleep under the kotatsu. Although napping is currently allowed, sleeping under the table is still highly discouraged. This is because when you sleep you mat wiggle around and it may lead to burns due to accidentally touching the heating system. Furthermore, you also risk being dehydrated when you sleep under it. During winter, some pets may sleep under the kotatsu.  If you need something to do while falling to sleep then check out Slotsify and other great options. 


Currently, kotatsu tables are sold in various stores in America. It’s a perfect addition to your house especially if you intend to keep your family and yourself warm during cold days.

Economically, it’s a cost-effective means of maintaining the heating system of your home. The basic kotatsu will cost you more than 600 dollars if you plan to purchase an authentic one that is imported from Japan. However, you can find one for around 200 dollars or more from online sites like Amazon. You may also opt to shop for one from a physical shop like IKEA or others which are located near you.

Moreover, you can design it according to your taste and desires. A traditional sized table was designed to serve the interests of the whole family; you can custom make yours to fit even two people. Designing it for yourself will also ensure that you include your interests and tastes in it.