Most Important Things to Get When You Move into your First House as a Couple

For some people, before they get married, they live with their parents. But this changes the moment you get married. Together with your spouse, you start a new, exciting and intriguing phase of life, with some expectations here and there. Asides the emotional and financial maturity a couple needs to adorn home with, they also need to furnish their house with some items for their comfort and ease. Customising each part of the house can be a good idea for home design. Here are the things you need in your first home as a couple :

Sleep materials

You will have to sleep in your new house, and it is unthinkable to sleep on the cold, hard floor of your house. You can imagine the discomfort that will bring both you and your spouse. Besides, as a new couple, you will want to explore each other’s bodies and experience the depths of erotic love. You definitely cannot do all of that on a cold, hard floor. You need sleep materials like a mattress, bedsheets, pillows, pillowcases, duvets, pyjamas, etc. To enjoy your sleep more, make sure you get high-quality sleep materials.


Comfort and ease are part of the highlights of a home. You do not want to be eating your dinner on the floor or lying on the hard concrete to watch your favourite TV show. You may have guests, will it be good if they have stood all through their visit? As such, you need good furniture for your home. You can get the furniture of excellent value for a reasonable price if you are strategic about your shopping. Some of the furniture you could get is the dining set, sofas, tables, shelves, cupboards, etc. Sometimes, it is time to renovate furniture or get a new one.


Cooking is one activity that you and your spouse need to get deeply involved in. It is a perfect bonding activity for newly married couples, except if you plan to be ordering food from online food vendors. But even that puts a financial strain on the marriage, especially if you guys do not have much yet. Find high-quality pots, pans, baking sheets, rolling pins, knives, cutlery, cooking spoons, dishes, mug, coffee maker, microwave, oven, fruit juicer, etc to buy. You will love cooking more.

Home appliances

These are modern conveniences that you cannot but buy if you want to enjoy your stay at home. For instance, you can imagine how hot your house will be if you have no air conditioning in summer or how cold if you have no heater. Television, stereos, washing machines, refrigerators, etc are all home appliances you need. So you should buy them as a couple. It may take a while to get each item, but you should have them nevertheless.


These are part of the foundational things a couple needs for a home. You will not find this on most blogs or websites, but as a couple, you both should invest in your personal development. You need to invest in books that will make you whole: books on spirituality, finance, career advancement, marriage, etiquettes, etc.  Also enjoy options like while chilling.

You do this as a couple, both of you will come to respect and enjoy your marriage more, and be worthy of emulation for other intending couples.  And if you are working hard then picking that right home will be important.