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Designing a brand logo or generating brand ideas involves graphics designers, a lot of thinking and of course quite some money. But how about saving your time and money by downloading a ready-made logo? That’s exactly what offers as you can download pre-made logos and discover brand ideas without spending any money. Chances are good that you’ll find what you are looking for in the free logo repository. The library includes basic but high-quality logos that cater various business needs, while it’s regularly updated to include digital goodies from major business categories.

What Kind of Logos are Available at

For the time being, the library offers logos for major sectors, including business, real estate, abstract, medicine, travel, food and animals. The repository is constantly updated to include more logos and categories. You can start with the Abstract category where you can find artistic logos and customize them according to your own needs. If you absolutely want to stick with professional and industry-specific logos, you can try logos from the Business and other related categories.

How to Download Logos and their Format?

Downloading logos is pretty straightforward and just a few clicks away. Just select a logo and click download as you are not required to go through the registration process (or complete any surveys). You might have some trouble downloading the logos if you are using an ad-blocker or have disabled Java. That’s why it’s recommended to disable the ad-blocker or try downloading using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. The logos are downloadable in .ps or .eps format, allowing you to easily customize them according to your own needs (using the software of your choice).

Coming Soon at isn’t just about freely available and customizable logos and brand ideas as it’ll soon feature free stock photos, a text sharing and a cut-and-paste screenshot service. This means you don’t have to search for free digital goodies on multiple sites and would find most of the stuff needed for branding from a single site. While YOU are the product for most other sites offering free logos and other stuff (through adverts, spam emails and data selling), operates differently. Try it yourself!

Who Needs Free Logos and Brand Ideas?

Logos and branding are usually associated with medium to large businesses, but they are also equally important for small businesses as well individuals. A large or medium business probably won’t be searching online for free logos, but free digital goodies make a lot of sense for small businesses, startups and individuals. Not every small business and individuals have the time and money for hiring a graphics designer, especially in the beginning.

Free logos and branding ideas make it easier for such people/businesses to get started and come up with a beautiful logo in minutes, without spending a single penny. The downloadable logos available at can be customized to your heart’s content and you are not bound by complex licensing agreements. Add free stock photos and text sharing service to the equation and you get most of the graphics stuff you need from a single source.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for selecting a logo (at the same time it takes a lot of thought and homework to come up with a good one), but it should at least be relevant to your industry and clearly communicate your objectives.

Why Logos and Branding are Important?


A logo reveals your identity and marks ownership. Even if you are an individual working as a sole proprietor, you need to establish a graphic identity that others can recognize. Logos tell the target audience the kind of business you are in and the type of products/services you are offering.


A good logo should not only communicate who you are, but it should also differentiate you from the competition. You can apply the KISS principle here (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and avoid creating a logo that’s complicated, difficult to reproduce and confuses customers. Make sure it’s not just another logo that looks like hundreds of other logos your competitors are already using.

Brand Loyalty

A familiar and recognizable logo does far more than just differentiating you from the competition. It facilitates brand loyalty and makes it easier for your customers to recognize you in the crowded shelves for years to come.

Usability and Engagement

You can use a brand logo not only on marketing materials, but also on the products, packaging and of course the social media. There are so many ways in which you can spread the word about your business. Logos ensure consistency in messages and if you are able to tie a good logo with a strong brand message, everything becomes so much more coherent. Colorful and well-designed logos grab attention and draw interest, prompting the target audience to at least have a look at your product, without which you cannot expect conversions.

General Tips for Selecting/Designing a Logo

·        Avoid creating overly complicated logos

·        Keep it Simple

·        Should be easy to reproduce (and update as the business grows)

·        Avoid using overly used themes such as globes, arrows and so on

·        Avoid being too literal, how many car brands have a car in their logo?

·        Should represent what your business is about and your brand vision (without being literal)


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