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Choosing a Bouquet with Unusual Flowers

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Flowers have become one of the special symbols when it comes to weddings, and they also set the scene and give some real insights about the style of the wedding couple. But aside from the flower arrangements in the venue, the bridal bouquet is also one of the essential bridal accessories, and it is also a key element to your look. With that in mind, it should also reflect the theme of your wedding, the color scheme, and of course, your personal style. 

The most common or traditional flowers that are usually used in wedding bouquets are roses, tulips, and lilies which are all very beautiful. But if you want your bouquet to standout and look unique, putting your own personal spin on it can help.

If you’re the type of person who’d like to go for something more unusual or even exotic, we are here to give some ideas that may help you in choosing a bouquet with unusual flowers.

Unusual Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet

If you want your bridal bouquet to be remembered by your guests, here are some of the unusual but great flowers you can use for your wedding bouquet to add some style to it and make it standout on your wedding day.

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are known to be the epitome of happiness because of their radiant color and carefree associations. They are bold and vibrant, which is great for those modern and fun-loving brides. You can choose to have a bouquet of mini sunflowers or one big sunflower alone, and it will surely make your wedding bouquet unique.

Dried Lavender: Using fresh lavender in bouquets can be common, so why not try to use dried flowers instead? Using dried flowers like lavender can give a bouquet a beautiful rustic look. And aside from its look, it will also smell amazing. You can also combine it with some small daisies and grasses to make it look more charming. (If you are concerned that someone may have an allergy to Lavender’s fragrance, you may want to choose another unusual flower.)

Hyacinth: This is a spring blooming bulb flower that usually comes in deep purple. But there are also varieties of pinks and whites. Hyacinths can make your wedding bouquet more striking especially when you combine it with other strong colors. Its texture can also make your bouquet look robust and it has a great fragrance as well.

Birds of Paradise: If you want your bouquet to really standout, then a tropical looking bouquet might work best for you. Using Birds of Paradise can make your bouquet a tropical classic because of its green, purple, orange, and red bird-like appearance. 

Thistle: You might not think about using spiky thistles in your bouquet, but they can be the perfect choice. It’s because they can add texture and visual interest to your wedding bouquet. And it is also ‘something blue’ that you can carry down the aisle.

Succulents: These are becoming famous in flower arrangements, but they are still unusual for bridal bouquets. Therefore, adding some succulents to your bouquet can make it look unique. But if you really want your bouquet to stand-out, why not opt to have the whole bouquet done in succulents? Plus, there are sturdy, and they can look great day and night.

Hops: These are eye-catching vines that you can also use to make your bridal bouquet look unique. These are also great if you and your groom are beer lovers and you’d like to add some beer elements to your nuptials. Hops can make lovely boutonnieres and adorable garlands as well. 

King Protea: This flower is giant, fuzzy, spiky, and stately. Therefore, if you really want to make a statement with your bridal bouquet, then this is the best choice for you. And since it is big, it can just be nestled with a bit of greenery or be incorporated in a more elaborate arrangement.

Artichoke: This is another plant that you probably would never think about using when it comes to a bridal bouquet. But the delectable artichoke can also become a stunning flower for your bouquet because of its rustic colors and sculptural texture. And if you’re a foodie, then you might like this unusual choice as well.

Calla Lily: Classic bridal bouquets are usually round, but if you want to be different, then you can also try using a tall Calla Lily pageant bouquet. You’ll be surprised to know that many might find it more fitting compared to the classic round bridal bouquet.

These are some of the unusual flowers you can choose from to make your bridal bouquet standout and memorable. Remember that the choice comes down to what you are most drawn to. If you want to stick with the classic bridal bouquet, or you want to break the rules of formality, you’re free to do so because it’s your day.

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