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Choosing the Right Bikini Top

Nowadays, there are a lot of bikini styles to choose from. And the wide variety of choices makes it hard for women to choose the right bikini for them. Women have a lot of things to consider when buying and wearing a bikini. Remember ladies, current trends are not the only thing you should think of when buying these babies. Luckily, we are here to help you choose the right bikini for you. We’re going to lay all the things you should consider before buying and wearing the right bikini.

Different Kinds of Bikini Tops for Different Body Types

·         Halter Bikini Top: This is the most comfortable and supportive type of bikini top. In fact, women of any size and shape will be able to carry it well. It has a very traditional fit which is ideal for lifting and separating the bust. It will also enable your back to be uncovered if you want to maximize your tan exposure.

 ·         Bandeau and Strapless Bikini Tops: These types of bikini tops are ideal for no tan lines. They are also perfect for those who have a smaller bust. They can stay in place well and they usually have an inner band or an adjustable drawstring to hold them in place.

 ·         Tankinis: These bikini tops are a combination of a tank top and a bathing suit. It is mostly made of spandex, cotton, or Lycra/Nylon.

·         Triangle Bikini Top: This is the classic style of bikini top that never goes out of style. It is another type that is ideal for small busts. It has the ability to adjust your cleavage, providing a perfect neckline and balance. It is a resort-ready, simple, stylish, and sexy bikini top.

·         Underwire Bikini Top: This type of bikini top is designed for comfort and support. It can push your bust together and lines up perfectly. But if you have a fuller bust, try to avoid printed and bright colored tops. The design of the underwire bikini tops provides more lift and volume. Its top part is made specially to have a thin wire type material that loops around, providing the needed support.

Choose a Bikini That Will for Your Body Type

1.       If you’re apple shaped: Apple shaped body type have a larger midsection with thin legs and arms. If you have this body type, we suggest that you opt for a tankini top because this top has a shapewear effect which can draw away the attention from your stomach. You can pair it with a bottom with high-cut sides to show off your legs.

2.       If you have an athletic shape: Having an athletic shaped body means that you are pretty much straight up and down. The trick for this top is you need to add a little ruffle to your swimsuit to deceive the eyes of people. Wearing a ruffled top will give people the illusion that you have a shaped figure because it adds volume on those areas of your body.

3.       If you have an hourglass-shaped body:  Having an hourglass-shaped body means that you have a small waist and identical hip and bust measurements. If you have this body shape, wearing a string bikini will help emphasize your curves and waist.

4.       If you have a pear-shaped body: Women with pear-shaped body have larger hips and small waist and bust. Wearing an underwire bikini top will help highlight your bust. It can be paired with a hipster bikini bottom which provides more coverage on your back.

Highlighting and Hiding Your Features

1.       Light colors draw more attention: Wearing a lighter shade bikini can highlight areas especially when it’s paired with a darker shade.

2.       Dark colors can conceal:  If you want to conceal and draw away attention from a specific area, opt to wear dark colored swimsuits.

3.       Patterns are important:  Patterns can help balance your figure. It can draw attention and create a proportion especially when it’s paired with a solid color.

4.       Accessories can help bring out your figure:  Flowers, jewelry, and bikini cutouts can help highlight specific areas.


Extra Tip: If you’re going to buy a swimsuit always remember that you should choose the one that fits you perfectly. You don’t want to wear something that’s two sizes too small or two sizes too large. And if it’s possible, always buy your swimwear personally because it will not only give you the chance to try different styles, you can also make sure that what you’re going to buy will have the correct measurements for you. 

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