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Do’s and Don’ts of Backpacking Fashion


When it comes to globetrotting with a backpack, staying fashionable can seem like a huge mountain to climb. How many pairs of tees and formal shirts do you need to carry? How do you pack the variety of shoes you want to take along? And how can you maintain your style and appeal when you’re on a sweaty, crowded train for a couple of days?

Fortunately, there are do’s and don’ts of backpacking fashion you could follow to stay “Insta-worthy” during your entire journey. 

 DO pack a jumpsuit and maxi

 It makes more sense to wear a playsuit or a jumpsuit if you’re going to be out during the daytime. They come in various prints and colors, and can be snazzied up with ease for a Saturday night. If a jumpsuit isn’t your thing, though, go for a ‘tunic-kaftan’ cloth – you can easily wear it above leggings. Another option is to go for a maxi shirt in tube-style, which can also be whizzed into a shawl. The maxi would also come in handy when you have to wait for your flight at the airport; it doesn’t constrict the wearer, particularly when they need to hustle.

DON’T wear shoes that need a lace-up

 Of course, those lace-up sandals look pretty, but they aren’t convenient to hold up when you’re in a queue. You’ll have to remove and untie them when passing through security, and then wear and tie them up again after you’ve passed screening. A more ideal option would be a cute pair of slip-ons, heels, sneakers or zip-up booties. These would also be perfect for making a run when you’re late for a flight (think being a little like Blake Lively and a less like Paris Hilton). If you still want to don shoes with a pair of laces because it’s just your style (we won’t judge), then tie them up in a less crowded place after you’ve passed security to avoid creating disturbance.

 DO make use of accessories

 Accessories have the charisma and strength to add class to any basic ensemble. If you want to appear effortlessly chic while backpacking, you can add the right pair of ornamentations to dress up whatever outfit you’re wearing. Hats, scarves, bracelets, watches, and statement necklaces are just a few things you can wear to increase the sophisticated factor in your overall style without coming off as style-desperate.

 DON’T buy a heavy belt or fabrics that wrinkle

 Though we’re not condoning pajama pants or items that require a string to be held up, one item that we suggest avoiding is a heavy belt. It’d get uncomfortable and tight when you add more items to your backpack during your journey. Additionally, we strictly recommend you to not spend your hard-earned dollars on wrinkled items; avoid fabrics that easily wrinkle. Go for things like velvet, rayon, and polyester blends, but avoid things and clothing made out of linen. Fabrics that stretch can be a great choice, and so are items with prints as wrinkles are less visible on them.

DO take layers into consideration

 Backpacking will make you travel through a lot of different temperatures. It could be hot or cold in your hostel, depending on how near your bed is to the windows, or the climate outside. As a result, clothing that is layered will work wonders in the realm of both comfort and style. You could be a backpacking fashionista by wearing a leather jacket or a cardigan over a top created with breathable, lightweight material like a rayon, chambray, or cotton. Another great pick silk – it can keep you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. In addition, backpackers can also experiment with layering body armor over their outfit just in case they have to go sideways with their default plan.

 DON’T torture your feet with heels

Heels could make you appear like you belong to Victoria’s Secret model line up, but when you’re going on a backpacking trip, the only runway you’d be encountering is the one that your flight takes off from. Slip-ons and low-heel sandals will perfectly mesh with your low-key attire, so don’t bring a pair of heels to torture your feet. We recommend heels just for those who feel really comfortable in them. But if you’re imagining yourself being a little dicey with wearing narrow, tall heels, it’s best to keep the stilettos for another time and err with caution on this specific journey.

 DO pack pocketed clothes

 When navigating through areas like the train station, you’d want to keep stuff like your ID and passport easily accessible. However, tucking these away in your purse that’s lying under some corner of your bag (that too under a neck pillow) is something you’d want to avoid. That’s why it is a viable measure to pack clothing with pockets. A few fashionable picks would be an oversized, vintage denim coat, pocketed trousers, or a pair of pants (palazzo being the trend).


Keep things real! Take a few snaps of yourself in front of the mirror looking like a stylish backpacker and post them on your Instagram to show others that it’s really possible to backpack in style.
That’s it from our end. What backpacking fashion essentials do you think can be added to the above list? We’d love to hear from you.

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