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What’s is an emerging platform for photographers, high-end graphic artists and videographers that covers product reviews and tips and tricks. The best part about the platform is that it allows professionals to share their experiences and knowledge and promote themselves for better exposure. FB can also serve as an online directory of photographers, videographers and professionals related to graphic design. It provides a unique opportunity for professionals to showcase their skills, share their experiences and get under the radar of those seeking professional services.

Promoting Your Photography/Design Business

Photographers, videographers and graphics designers need exposure to grow and get noticed by the masses. Although there are many of methods to reach the target audience, showcasing your work and expertise on a platform dedicated to pros can prove to be very fruitful in the long run. essentially serves as a hub for pros and enthusiasts and allows them to display their portfolios where they’ll get noticed.

Search Engine and Performance Optimization

Creating your own website is the first step towards getting noticed as there is a lot you need to do to promote your photography businesses. If you plan on attracting most of the target audience through the internet, you’d certainly want to optimize your website for SEO and use targeted keywords to get relevant traffic. Since photography/videography/graphics related websites are pretty resource intensive, you’d want to keep your site optimized for loading time by keeping a check on image size.

Mobile-ready/friendly websites is a must for any modern business as most of us now use our mobile devices to quickly access information. A mobile-friendly website should always be a priority as not only people can view it on their mobile devices, search engines also rank mobile-optimized sites higher. Regularly adding fresh and quality content is equally important as it keeps people coming back. Photographers should regularly add new content even if it’s a post containing a few wedding photos.


Quality backlinks can make a world of difference when it comes to SEO and requires some planning, hard work and patience. You also need to make sure that other sites linking to your site should be reputable otherwise you might end up getting penalized by search engines.

Google Maps and Other Directories

If you haven’t already submitted your studio location to Google Maps, then now is a great time to do so. Most of us search for nearby places using Google Maps, which prioritizes and displays local businesses first. This is arguably one of the best ways to advertise your local business without spending anything. You’d also want to show up in other business directories as well, including Yellowpages, Foursquare and Yelp.

Social Media

Social Media is a great platform to grow and enhance business outreach. Posting often on Facebook, tagging people in pictures and linking back to your website can make a lot of difference. Finding, joining and asking for an invitation to join relevant Facebook groups such as weddings and newborns allows you to reach highly targeted audience. But make sure to respect rules of such groups and refrain from self-advertising if it’s prohibited. Take advantage of other social media platforms as well and write great photo descriptions and alt texts.


Showcasing your work on popular photography websites greatly increases your chances of getting noticed, which makes it very important to engage with peers in relevant communities. Following topics on Q&A sites such as Quora provides you with a great opportunity to express your opinion and include a link to your own website.

Email Outreach

If you have people on your mailing list, you can start sending newsletters (instead of sending all-promotion emails). People are more likely to take interest in newsletters than pure marketing material. Keeping emails short, informational and interesting greatly enhances engagement and provides useful content without taking a lot of readers’ time. Stay focused on relevant topics the target audience might be interested in such as photo session tips, wedding photography ideas and freezing other perfect moments. Key Features

In addition to photography and videography focused product reviews and tips and tricks, aims to serve as a hub for professionals to showcase their work and promote their business. The site means a great link building opportunity for photographers on a highly relevant platform that allows them to express their views and share opinions.


Quality links can have a big impact on your site performance and ranking. Authority of the page linking to your site is a major factor in determining how your site would rank on search engines. Since is a highly-focused site for photographers and designers, links coming from it would obviously weigh more than those coming from a generic site. The site also serves as a photographer/videographer/graphics artist directory where professionals can promote themselves without having to spend a fortune.

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