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Home Décor Changes Over the Decades

For many people, home décor is a must no matter what their budget is. A home is a sanctuary where you should be comfortable in your own way. Ideally, your tastes would match the current home décor trends, which have been prone to many changes over the decades.

If we look back over time, we’d probably find many trendy homes that would look out of place today. While it may not be a good idea to remain stuck in the past, you may feel inspired by certain pieces of furniture or themes from bygone days. We’ve detailed a few of the changes home décor has gone through below.

1.    Wall Art

Empty walls don’t give off a homey feeling, so wall decoration is usually in vogue no matter what decade we talk about. However, the art decorating our walls has definitely changed drastically. Today, we’d usually find some industrial scenes displayed, such as some high-tech bridges, factories, railroads, etc. Some of these structures could be thousands of years old, adding a vintage effect to the photos.

Go back a few decades, and you’d find pictures of farm animals, flowers, or something similarly pastoral. In the 20s, you’d probably find a Modernist art theme in the trendiest homes. For the 80’s, you may find decorative frames, knickknacks, overstuffed sofas, and similar objects. Now, though, the industrial look is perpetuated by brick walls, slate-colored sofas with straight lines, and an overall minimalistic effect.

Keep in mind, you do not have to follow the current trends in wall art. If you’re not comfortable with the industrial look, by all means, use artwork which is more to your liking.

2.    Natural Lighting

Go back three or four decades, and you would be hard pressed to find a home built around letting natural light inside. Electric lighting in every corner and at all hours of the day wasn’t unusual. Hence, houses were built to keep out the light and create a cozy environment inside.

Now, though, the usual trend follows a mixture of natural light, solar energy, and some backup system if necessary. The natural light features in modern home décor include skylights, large windows, etc. With such additions, homeowners can decrease their energy bills each month and also soak up the benefits of natural sunshine.

3.    Kitchen and Dining Room

In the modern homes of around six decades ago, you’d usually find the kitchen a closed-off space, with the dining area completely separate. The kitchen would usually be a small box that holds everything you need for cooking three homemade meals a day. This is especially true when we talk about the 1950’s.

With the changing trends and lifestyles, kitchens and dining areas have more or less merged into one another. Kitchens may now contain breakfast nooks or islands where the whole family can dine together. Plus, this particular room is now made as a generally open space that promotes socializing and entertaining along with cooking.

Since food is so important to our lives, it’s no wonder the kitchen now plays such an important role in our homes and has the room needed to entertain family and friends.

4.    Changing the Centre

If you go back even two decades, you may notice a shift in the very position of home furniture. This would probably be most apparent in living rooms, where the television used to be the focal point during the 1990’s. Evening television, prime time, and general family time were the main reasons why everyone would get together at several points in the day. To this end, the furniture also pointed towards the main source of communication and entertainment.

We all know how things have changed since then. While there may be a television in most homes, most of us are glued to our phones or other mobile devices. This has opened up the boxes that surround televisions and built-in phone sets. A modern home would likely focus on the flow of movement within it, with plenty of places to sit down and browse. It’s not important to have a TV in a living room anymore, especially when the living arrangements are something other than a nuclear family.

Summing Up

The discussion above makes it clear that there have been several changes to home décor trends over the decades. Some of these trends are due to changing tastes, while most of them are due to changing lifestyles and requirements. As our environmental awareness and technological advancements grow, we will likely make even more changes to our homes in the years to come. 




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