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As the name suggests, is about working from home.  A bit part of the site is focused on office décor ideas, tips and designs. The site covers a variety of topics ranging from setting up an office to printers and tips for working remotely. While there is no shortage of similar sites on the internet, most of them are limited in scope and usually cover either home or office décor instead of covering a wider range of topics. Whether you are trying to come up with interesting ideas for home design or trying to setup a home office in a small apartment, HOG has something for everyone.

What’s the Deal about Home Offices?

Home offices can be a very convenient place to work, right from the comfort of your own home. They are particularly suitable for independent workers, freelancers and contract workers, even if they are not working full-time. In addition to being very convenient, home offices provide a separate place where people can work without the usual ‘home distractions’. Since the line between work and home life can easily be blurred when you are working from home, it takes some serious thought to design a home office that minimizes distractions and improves efficiency. aims to educate people about designing and setting up home offices more efficiently for increased productivity. Most of us don’t have huge apartments where we are free to setup a home office anywhere we like. Instead, we have to deal with limited space and come up with innovative ideas to use the available space smartly. You also need to be picky about the furniture and other items to use in a home office. Setting them up is another area where you need to consider many things, including lighting, privacy and ergonomics of different accessories such as keyboard and mice. These are the kind of things discusses, which can help people design home offices that boost productivity.

Work Styles and Home Offices

People have their own unique work styles so obviously, home offices also need to be designed accordingly. Sure, working from the comfort of your home might be the best thing that could happen to 9-5 workers. But it also requires a great amount of discipline and strong work ethics for being successful from home. A home office should be tailored according to your own work style as not everyone likes to keep sitting all day in front of a computer screen, while others are obsessed with cabinets and keeping everything perfectly organized.

The Messy Types

People belonging to this category don’t have time to organize their stuff and are too busy in getting things done. Such people need extra-large desks where they can pile up whatever they want without losing them under an endless trap of paper and other office supplies. You might not be able to convince them to stay organized, but a large desk and a few cabinets can really help in making things easier for them.

The Organized Types

These people want everything to be where they are supposed to be and want order at all costs. They have high work standards and want everything in place so it’s quickly accessible when needed. A plethora of cabinets and shelves are a must for such people, even smaller ones should work well for keeping everything neatly organized. Multiple pull-out trays and drawers can also help these people a lot in keeping everything organized.

The Blood Pumpers

These people can’t stay still for long whether at office or home. They need to keep moving to stay productive so a home office tailored for comfort and inspiration is what they need. This includes accessories/hardware designed for better mobility e.g. a 360-rotating monitor so they can check emails while standing or doing something else. Power sockets at different locations of the home office can also help them move around a bit without worrying about power all the time. Categories

The site isn’t just about home offices as it also offers valuable information about home design and décor, office décor ideas and other home office and online money-making tips. The primary content categories include:

Home Office Design

This section includes topics like setting up a home office, pointers for the best office furniture and other design guides.

Home Office Tips

Here you can find general office tips, including staying fit in your home office and growing your independent business.

Office Décor Ideas

This category includes shopping portal for office furniture, books and other related home office stuff. You can also find some unique and vintage items here that are usually hard to come by.


This is where you can find home design and décor ideas ranging from organizing tiny kitchens to making small bedrooms feel bigger. The section also includes posts about home furniture, decoration ideas and strange looking and unique stuff.

Making Money

And last but not the least is the Making Money section that provides a wealth of information about stuff like how to make money online as an independent worker/freelancer.

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