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Household Items You Need for Your Home


Whether one is beginning to furnish their first house, or whether it has become time to reevaluate the items in the home, there are some things that every home ought to contain. For ease of organization, these items are split into categories by room.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is the area where the most items are required. Of course, knives, forks, spoons, dishes, pots, and pans go without saying. However, there are some other things that tend to be essential in anyone’s kitchen. The most important one of these is a fire extinguisher. Even the most careful person may have times when it is necessary to put out a fire in the kitchen, so this one is a must-have. A good, strong pair of kitchen scissors is another thing that will be handy to have. Measuring cups and spoons are necessary if one does any cooking from scratch. If not, a can opener is definitely important. Potholders or oven mitts will come in handy whether cooking from scratch or reheating items. Dishcloths, sponges, and scrubbers to clean things up will also be useful. For one who lives alone or with only one other person, a toaster oven may be a great idea. A coffee pot is generally a fixture that graces every kitchen and provides warmth, comfort, and energy in a cup!

The bathroom is one of those rooms that gets less exposure – for good reason! Nevertheless, there are some things that ought to be found in every bathroom, or that would make it more pleasant. A plush bath mat is soft on the feet, and if it is highly absorbent, too, then it is a win/win! Spray cleaners, disinfectants, and scrub brushes also make it more convenient (and more hygienic) to keep a clean bathroom, as well as gloves for those yucky chores. A plunger should be kept handy just in case there is a clog that water refuses to clear. While a scale is not always the most pleasant thing to have in a bathroom, it can be handy if one desires to watch his or her weight. It is also useful for calculating dosages of over the counter medications, as they are usually based on weight.

Laundry is ubiquitous, and the room in which laundry is processed (which is often also the utility room) ought to be stocked with a few necessary items, such as an iron and ironing board for removing those stubborn wrinkles that refuse to drop out in the dryer. Stain remover is good, too, whether a bar or a spray is preferred, and baskets to use for transporting laundry to and from the room. On the utility side, a set of tools containing a hammer, two screwdrivers (one flat, one Phillips), and a pair of pliers will surely come in handy for general household repairs.

Bedrooms are usually used for sleeping and dressing and not much else. The most needed accessories in the bedroom are a clock, to be sure one is on time, which can hang on a wall or sit on the next item – a bedside table. This table is a good place to keep a light, the book one is currently reading, glasses and change, and/or charger cords for phones and tablets. A hamper near the door is handy for dropping dirty clothes until laundry day, and a full-length mirror for assessing the outfit of the day is also strongly recommended.

General items that do not have a specific room to relate to, but are also useful, include a vacuum cleaner if the home has any carpets or rugs, and a broom, mop, and bucket for hard floors like tile, linoleum, or hardwood. Light fixtures such as table or floor lamps will help a home seem more cheerful after dark. Bookshelves for books or knick-knacks are a nice touch for any room; houseplants on a shelf or small table also add a bit of loveliness to a home. Other things that might be a good idea to have on hand include a flashlight and batteries in case of a power outage, an extension cord, and a step ladder for reaching things on upper shelves or changing light bulbs in ceiling fixtures. Every house should have a first aid kit, because accidents happen, and every house should have smoke alarms because early detection of fire is the best way to be safe.

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