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How to Save Your Toys for Your Children

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One of the best memories of our childhood is playing with our favorite toy, right? Some children make a connection with their toys and they start loving them more than anything. If you also have some toys that you adored in your childhood and want your children to play with them too, you should save them in the right way. 
Here are some ways that you can save your toys for your children and preserve those memories, so you can visualize them again through your children. 

1. Pack them well

If your toy is a thing that can get dirty such as a teddy bear or anything stuffed, then you should pack it with care. An air-tight bag would be a perfect choice here because storing it in the cupboard without packing it doesn’t sound like a good idea. One more thing you can do is put packets of silica gel in the bag which will help protect your stuffed toy from moisture. If you have an electronic toy, then saving it is much easier. All you have to do is take the batteries out and put it in the box it came in and place it in a cabinet. 
You can also use a bubble wrap sheet to wrap around the toys to prevent them from any kind of damage. 

2. Lock them

If you have a huge collection of toys that you want to save for your little champs, you can go for a cabinet with lock rather than saving them in a scattered way. Putting all of them in a single safe location will make it easy for you to store them. Pack all of your toys carefully, put them in a cabinet, and lock it. 
Don’t put them in a cupboard that is frequently used, or you might accidentally drop the toy and break it into pieces even before your child gets to see it. A dedicated toy space would be great here.

3. Store your toys away from the sunlight

Never display your toys/dolls on window ledges where they are exposed to sunlight because it can destroy or deteriorate dyes and fabric. You can place them in a sturdy glass-cabinet or a wooden one. If you are going to store them in a wooden cabinet, then make sure you coat it well with polyurethane varnish and cover it with acid-free paper for enhanced protection.

4. Don’t mix wooden toys with other toys

Storing all the toys in a single place is easy and much more manageable but it is recommended that you make a separate portion for wooden toys such as trains and cars because wooden toys might have rough and edgy sides that can rip your stuffed toys. Secondly, with time, when that wooden toy will age, it might emit fumes too that can harm other materials kept near it.
Most people don’t know but it is a great practice to store wooden things in a separate compartment or a separate place as a general rule rather than storing things all in the same place.

5. Clean off any stain

Don’t just stack up all your toys and save them without erasing any stain from them. Removing the stain as soon as possible will be the easiest and best thing to do. However, you can use an ordinary gum eraser to remove stains like pencil marks from painted wooden toys or doll faces. An eraser can also be of great help in removing spots but make sure you rub them off gently or else you might end up creating patchy surfaces, which will look much worse than a stain. If the toy was painted and you removed paint while cleaning, see if you can find the same colors and repaint it so that it looks newer when it is given to your child.

Final Verdict

Saving antique toys that you also loved the most in your childhood will surely bring back all those memories when your own child will play with them. You can follow the tips mentioned above that will help you a lot in saving your toys for your future little champs. And remember, it is wise to find out if your toys are worth money before handing them down for your child to play with. They may be a better investment for your child’s future than you realized.  

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