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What’s is an online platform that offers a curated collection of web design inspirations, templates and other resources. The site features inspirational designs and templates that help develop beautiful and engaging sites. Users can easily submit their sites, templates and other resources and share their creations as featured digital goodies.

People who just want to stay updated with the latest inspirations and resources can subscribe to the newsletter and takes care of the rest. A weekly email delivers the subscribed content directly to the inbox, saving users from having to manually search for latest offerings.


The Inspiration page is a great platform for individuals and businesses to feature their creations and get noticed by the masses. The inspirations allow users to showcase their best products/services and create high-quality links to their sites. Although the number of listings right now might not be mind-boggling, the number is steadily increasing as users keep joining the platform.

The inspiration section is further divided into a variety of categories for better organization, including corporate, food and drink, music, technology, games, movies and TV, culture and arts, agency and portfolio, events, fashion, travel, sports, and informational.


The Templates page is where you can find all sorts of quality templates for your websites and apps, including WordPress Themes, HTML and PSD templates and app templates. Whether you are looking for a minimalistic WP theme or an iOS app template, the templates section is the right place to begin with. Each listing contains a short introduction to the template followed by more details, while getting a template is also just a few clicks away.

While most premium templates are available for a reasonable price, you’d also find many free templates that help beginners get started. Templates are subdivided into different categories, including WordPress Themes, HTML and PSD templates, free templates, portfolios, magazine and blog templates, eCommerce templates, App templates as well as multi-purpose templates.


The Shopping section offers a collection of ebooks, books, software and other related stuff. The products are available at Amazon as the site is an Amazon Associates Program participant. There isn’t much going on in this section for the time being, but things may change soon for good.

How Can YOU Benefit from

If you are looking for high-quality links and a platform to showcase your work, offers a lot and provides a solid platform where users can easily discover others’ creations. You can also feature your website for better exposure and offer templates for download (paid and free).

Link Building: A Vote of Confidence

Search engines ‘crawl’ through the web and hyperlinks between different pages. A link from one page to another indicates that a site trusts another for being informative and relevant. While link building can be the hardest part of an SEO strategy, the rewards are worth the struggle. Search engines use links not only to discover new pages, but also to determine how a page should rank in the search results.

You might have quality content/products/services, but if no external sites are pointing to your site, you’d have a hard time getting at top of the search results. The quality of sites pointing towards your own site is also important as links coming from ‘bad’ sites can do more harm than good in the long run.

Google and other search engines give a lot of weightage to quality backlinks, which increase the chances of ranking higher. Google’s ranking algorithm is always changing, but quality links have remained a constant since a long time. Individuals and businesses who want to thrive online have to implement link-building strategies. provides them the opportunity to feature their sites on a relevant platform and get quality links in return.

Link building isn’t just about optimizing SEO as it also comes with other benefits including:

Brand Authority

Quality backlinks improve brand visibility and help develop interest by association. Search engines love natural backlinks and look at them as an indication of useful information. Quality links help build brand authority and present brands as a reliable source of information.

Long-term Resource Links

Links from reputable sites and directories is a long-term asset that helps drive relevant traffic for a long time. For example, if you create WordPress themes and have links coming from a reputable theme store, customers can reach your site for years to come and convert into sales. The internet has transformed how we search for information and buy, making link building an essential part of any marketing strategy.

Referral Traffic

Google and other search engines aren’t the only sources of relevant traffic as referrals also contribute a lot towards bringing potential customers to your site. Referral traffic is relevant and highly targeted and even a single quality link can make a lot of difference down the road.

Relationship Building

Visitors are likely to click a link to your site if they think that the source site is trustworthy and reliable. They might even join you on the social media and subscribe to your newsletter. Quality links bring brands and customers closer without you having to rely on search engines.

Conclusion provides a great platform to generate quality backlinks, which improves brand authority and generates relevant traffic. If you have something relevant to offer or want to showcase your website, the platform can help you build new relationships and reach highly targeted audience.

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