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Using a Blender to Make Ice Cream


Who doesn’t scream for ice cream? But your ice cream cravings go unsatisfied when you aren’t in the mood to go to the store in the middle of the night. How about homemade ice cream as rich and creamy as any bought from a famous store? In fact, homemade ice cream is much healthier and flavorful than what you get after standing in the queue for long. Don’t believe it? Let us tell you how to make ice cream with the help of a blender and you wouldn’t want to ever buy a carton from the store again.

This recipe uses a few basic ingredients. Once you are in practice, you can be creative and add exciting flavors to the recipe.


·         ½ cup Milk

·         ½ cup Heavy Cream

·         ½ cup Non-fat milk powder

·         ½ cup Cocoa powder (for chocolate ice cream)

·         2/3 cup Sugar

·         1 tsp. Vanilla

·         18 ounces or 500 g Ice cubes


Blend all the above ingredients together in a blender at a low speed until all the ice cubes are crushed. Now increase the speed of the blender and blend the mixture until it is thick and creamy. Freeze for an hour or serve immediately.

Ingredient Tips:

·         Do not freeze homemade blender ice cream in the freezer for more than an hour. For better taste and texture, serve it immediately.

·         Milk and heavy cream are an essential component of this recipe and add thickness to the ice-cream; therefore, they both must not be missed.

·         You can alternate sugar, chocolate, and vanilla with your favorite flavors and fruits.

·         Do not skip ice cubes as they are used to bind the mixture together and help freeze it.

·         Despite there the fact that ice is used, your ice cream wouldn't be rough because of the non-fat milk powder so consider it as a secret ingredient.

Double richness:

If you don’t like the ice-cube texture in homemade ice creams, you can give it double richness and cream by making milk cubes. Simply freeze milk in ice-cube trays a night before you plan to make blended ice cream and use as an alternative to ice-cubes. This will give you the same basic consistency of ice cream, but it will be creamier.

Adding Fresh Fruits:

If you are planning to make a fresh and fruity ice cream for your little ones, make sure you freeze the fresh fruits overnight and then blend with other ingredients. Using frozen fruits will give you a creamy, rich texture. Remember, using frozen fresh fruit could also mean you don’t need to use as much sugar. Be sure to test the mixture before adding sugar so the fruity ice cream isn’t too sweet.

Unique combinations:

·         Dark chocolate and peanut butter

Use yogurt, bananas, dark chocolate powder, and peanut butter to make this double cream dark chocolate richness and serve with wafers.

·         Coconut Combo:

Use coconut powder and canned coconut milk to bring this refreshing cool flavor to your dinner table. Serve with hot chocolate syrup.

·         Cherry go merry:

Use frozen cherries and sugar along with vanilla extract to make a fruity, tangy ice cream at home. If you don’t like cherries, replace them with frozen mangoes and serve with mango chunks and walnuts.

·         Cookies and cream:

Following the basic recipe with chocolate and vanilla, add some crushed Oreo cookies just after you have thoroughly blended the ice cream. Freeze and serve after an hour with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips.

·         Strawberry and cream:

       Ever wondered what’s in that strawberry and cream ice cream bucket? Yes, lots of preservatives. Try it at home with our simple recipe and replace milk with coconut milk and chocolate with frozen strawberries. Bet you wouldn't regret a double scoop.

·         Salted caramel:

This mouth-watering flavor is a healthy and nutritious combination of sea salt, maple syrup, dates, and bananas. Serve it with nuts and chocolate syrup. Perfect for children and adults.


The variation in ice cream flavors is a never-ending list. However, this is perhaps one of the easiest and successful ways to make ice cream at home using a blender. With just a few ingredients, the key step is to know how to keep the consistency and richness the same every time and then you can go wild with your imaginary flavors. Next time your hunger pangs scream for an ice cream, don’t tell them to be quiet but buzz the blender and you have it all yours, chilled, delicious and creamy.

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