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What to Do When the Belt is Too Short

Belt resizing
resizing belt

Well, there is a simple solution to resize a belt to a smaller size, and that is by cutting the extra part, but when it comes to resizing a belt that is too short, problems occur. Some people might have a favorite belt that they do not want to lose but their waist is too big for it. If you are one of those people and going through a similar situation, then we have some ways for you to resize your belt according to your size, right at your home.

Here are two things that you can do when the belt is too short for you:

1. Get a belt extender

Yes, there are belt extenders as well in the market to help you fit that precious belt of yours around your waist. If you think you won’t be able to find it in the local market then here is the Leather Waist Belt Extender by 4Ever Fit to help you out. It can add about 2 inches to the length of your belt and the best thing about it is that it can be linked with other belt extenders too, so you can increase more than 2 inches of length if that is needed.

4Ever Fit belt extender can be used for men, women, and children’s belts. It is available in several different widths and you can get one or more according to your requirements. Installing it is also extremely simple. All you have to do is:
• Select the closest matched color and width for your belt. Even if the color doesn’t match your belt, you can dye or polish it so it is the same as your belt relatively easily. 
• Remove the buckle and keeper of your belt; if you have a removable buckle, you can easily unsnap it, and if you have a buckle stitched to the belt, you can unstitch it.
• Now, insert the belt prong into the extender through the slot, and then add the keeper in between the extender. 
• Once all the above steps are done, insert the extender’s slot into your belt’s buckle slot and twist to fit it inside. You can leave it as it is or re-sew it if necessary.

2. DIY Belt Extension

If the above method is a little expensive for you or you like to DIY, then this method is surely for you. You need to have elastic (must have the same width as your belt), measuring tape, scissors, sewing machine, leather needle, and obviously a belt. 

You will need to perform the following steps:
• Measure your waist (fat the area where you normally wear your belt)
• Measure your belt from inside
• Now, to cut the elastic the exact size you can use this formula:
(Waist measurement – belt measurement) + Extra inch= elastic extension length
• Get scissors and cut the elastic at the calculated length.
• Cut your belt in half from the exact center (here is where the extension will be attached)
• The extra inch we added to the length of the extension was for ½ seam allowance. Attach one end of the extension to the belt’s one end and top stitch a rectangular shape on the seam allowance. Repeat the same steps for the other end.
• For more strength, you can sew both sides multiple times. After performing all these steps, you will have your belt extended on the cheap.
Keep in mind, this second may be cheaper, but depending upon how well you sew, the extension may not hold up indefinitely. To increase the length of time you can use the second method, you may want to check it periodically and re-sew any stitching that may have come loose or is worn.


If you do not want to throw your belt away and want to reuse it again even if you have put on some weight, then these two methods will work well for you. You can try the one that seems easy for you to do. However, the first method is for people who can invest some money into buying a belt extender but if your budget won’t allow trying this method, then you can follow the second method and get that belt of yours extended to whatever length you want. 

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