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Where to Find Commercial Painting Contractors Near Me

commercial painting contractors near me
commercial painters near me

When businesses realize that it's time to revamp the look of their establishment, one of the first things is to look for commercial painting contractors near me. Since businesses are mostly located on a specified commercial area, most likely they will be able to find painters who may even operate near them.

But it's not just the availability that you should see as a factor when deciding to hire a commercial painter. There are more important points to consider ensuring that you hire the best and the most qualified commercial painter possible. Remember, you want someone to make your establishment looking better in the eyes of your clients – not the other way around.

Find out if a commercial painting contractor is licensed. While not all states require contractors to have a license, here in California licensing is duly required. As a contractor, having a license means that they are running their businesses legally and ethically. Having a license also makes an attractive marketing ploy – clients would rather choose to hire a painter who is licensed over one who is not.

When a commercial painting contractor has a valid license, it is most likely that he also has an insurance as well. Their licenses also require them to have a worker's compensation insurance and/or liability insurance. When a painting service company is licensed, it will be able to cover its employees' medical needs and hospital expenses in the event they encounter accidents while on the job. This gives their clients a peace of mind knowing that they won't be financially liable for the workers if they're injured from falling, slipping, etc., while painting the establishment.

2) Hire a contractor who provides references, contracts and written warranties for their work. A reputable contractor provides a list of references as well as contracts and written warranties. When a commercial painting contractor provides you with a list of references, it means they're confident that their work is of good quality and that they have provided a truly professional service. So, when you are considering candidates, request them for references. They will allow you to contact their former clients and ask them about the quality of work, reliability, punctuality, overall professional behavior, etc.

Having a contract will be useful because it helps in preventing possible problems about the job in the future and avoiding the “blame game” while the work is still in progress. When you're handed a copy of a contract, be sure to read it thoroughly first before signing it. Reading the contract will also allow you to ask questions to the contractor if you point out something that needs to be cleared and understood.

Look for contractors too who provide only a written warranty after the work has been done. A warranty lists the things that commercial painters cover as well as the things that they do not cover. Having such a document means that commercial painters are ready to address issues that arise from a defective paint job if it's covered in their warranty.

3) Do a background check. People are more careful and circumspect these days whenever they are considering hiring a professional such as a painting contractor. After all, they will not let their businesses get jeopardized by a contractor who turns out to have a bad reputation (or worse). Avoid hiring contractors that have a questionable reputation. If you encounter a contractor who offers a price that's lower than the industry average, consider that as a red flag. It's likely that their service is going to be subpar – or worse, they would be scammers posing as contractors.

One of the questions that contractors would fear the most would be “Should I be concerned with your workers in my business?” to know whether your property, belongings, and employees will be safe. Unfortunately, there have been documented cases where workers of a hired contractor have robbed or intentionally harmed their clients. What's worse is that some members of the crew have a confirmed criminal background and the employer even doesn't have an idea about it. To avoid this from happening in your business, it is essential for you to ask contractors about their hiring policy and whether they do criminal background checks on their own employees.

Making your establishment looking good and appealing to your clients is a serious business. That's why in hiring commercial painting contractors near me, you should do assiduous research, plan and prepare everything, and leave nothing to chance. After all, this is your business, and you don't want its future success to be ruined by someone of inferior or questionable reputation.