Tips for Picking the Best Slush Machine

Slush machines as we know them were first introduced in the late 1950s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that they became popular with younger generations. Producing a tasty ice beverage that drew crowds, more and more firms began to recognize the profitability of these iced drinks.

The slush market has risen in popularity over the years, becoming a cool, year-round pleasure that people of all generations appreciate. The commercial slush machine is now a staple in many supermarkets, stores, concession stands, cafes, snack bars, and kiosks as it grows in popularity.  In fact you can find them in great places like MGM resorts, kid friendly theme parks and more!

To fully appreciate how a slush machine may aid your business, it’s essential to know what to look for when selecting the perfect slush machine for your needs, which the following tips will assist with. Or, you could also refer to some¬†slush machine reviews.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Slush Machine?

A commercial slush machine is a complete system for making and dispensing slush. With only one piece of equipment, slushy makers may completely transform your beverage offering and enable you to increase your drink menu.

A frozen slushy machine’s visual impact can be a powerful marketing tool, grabbing customers’ attention and establishing a focal point. Slush can also be left in the machine overnight, unlike chilled beverage dispensers, which should be emptied by the end of each day and replenished the following day.

If you’re thinking about getting into the slushie business, you’ll quickly discover that machines are challenging to set up and expensive. Don’t let this deter you: slush drinks can survive a significant mark-up, so while the initial outlay may be hefty, you’ll soon reap the benefits and see a healthy return on investment (ROI).

Picking a Slush Machine

You must answer many questions to narrow down the various possibilities and find the ideal slush machine for your establishment.

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How Much Counter Space Do You Have?

Where do you think you’ll put the equipment? Do you have any spare counter space, or will you have to make some? Naturally, the size of the slush machine you can fit depends on the amount of space you have.

How Many Tanks Are There?

The amount of slush flavors you can provide is decided by the number of tanks you have. Although it’s always ideal for giving the customers as many alternatives as possible, this may not be practicable given the amount of counter space available. The more flavors there are, the more tanks are necessary, and therefore the machine’s footprint and dimensions grow.

What Do You Want to Serve?

The most apparent answer is slush, but some equipment doesn’t limit the options to just that. Some (but not all) models can also be used to make frappuccinos, milkshakes, iced teas, and even cocktails in some situations. All these beverages have one significant thing in common: they all need to be frozen.

However, it doesn’t end there. Some manufacturers now offer the option of merely refrigerating beverages in addition to the regular freezing function. With some slush machines, you may potentially provide frozen slush and chilled orange juice from the same piece of equipment with a simple switch.

If adaptability is vital to your company, search for a model that can perform numerous tasks.

How Many Slush Cups Do You Think You’ll Serve?

You’ve chosen the number of flavors you want to offer while staying within the confines of your business’s size footprint, as well as what you truly want to serve: now it’s time to estimate the number of servings. This value will directly influence the capacity and size of the bowls or tanks.

Gross capacities usually range from 5 to 12 liters. If the expected servings are on the low side, a smaller tank is more suited, whereas a high turnover will necessitate a larger tank (number 5 with a sign pointing to number 12). You can utilize smaller bowls to serve a considerable number of people, but they will need more regular filling and more manual labor.

Serving sizes for slushies will typically range from 7 oz. (198 ml to 0 d.p.) to 20 oz (568 ml to 0 d.p.). Unquestionably, the smaller the portion, the more slush you’ll receive from a single bowl, and the larger the serving, the less slush you’ll have from your tank.

It’s recommended to estimate your serving size at the upper end. This means that if your slush business grows in popularity, your equipment can keep up with the demand.

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What Style Do You Want?

Although the basic design of any slush machine is identical, there are minor differences that might have a significant impact on the machine’s influence on your establishment.

The base will most likely be made of robust stainless steel, which will provide the strength and rigidity needed to hold fully loaded tanks. The refrigeration system is likewise protected by stainless steel.

Tanks or bowls are often made of sturdy, frequently shockproof plastic to reduce or avoid accidental breakage. The tank’s design and shape differ from one maker to the next, allowing for more originality. Consider whether rounded edges or more angular shapes would be more appropriate for your establishment’s decor and style.