What Items Do You Need For a Great Day At the Old Ballpark?

Watching a baseball game is one of the most popular pastimes in the United States, and its popularity is often attributed to how exciting a lot of games are to watch, especially the ones where the teams have a close score. Although you can watch a baseball game without bringing anything other than your ticket, most baseball fans would say that the experience would be better if you could bring some “must-haves” or items that are usually brought by people that want to watch baseball on the stadium or field. To know more about these must-haves, here is a list of items that you need to have a great day at the old ballpark.

Baseball Glove

the stands at a ballpark

Even though you are not the one that is going to play baseball on the field, you will need to have a baseball glove ready so that you can catch foul balls or home run balls easier. There are instances where the ball will fly out of the field and into the stands, and the audience will have a great chance to get that ball for free. A home run ball that is hit by a famous player could even have resale value, so getting it is often the goal of some people that watch baseball games in the stadium.

Every person in the stands should have at least one baseball glove, but in a family, the youngest or the eldest child is often the one that has one. For a kid, getting a foul ball or a home run ball is a huge achievement, so if you are going to bring kids with you to the ballpark, give them a proper baseball glove to use if ever the ball flies near or directly where you are sitting. There are many baseball equipment manufacturers that produce and sell high-quality baseball gloves, so you won’t have a difficult time finding the perfect gloves for you or for your kids.


A typical game day at a baseball stadium or field can get pretty hot due to the sun. Without protection, you will most likely get sunburns, which can be painful and irritating to have. In order to not get sunburnt, you will need to apply protection for your skin, and this protection comes in the form of sunblock.

Some people would say that “sunscreen” and “sunblock” are the same thing, but they actually aren’t. Sunscreen is often used to protect your skin against harmful UV rays that come from sunlight, while sunblock protects your skin against the harsh temperatures of sunlight since it reflects sun rays. So, the two products serve different purposes. If you can only choose one, sunblock is the best option since it will protect your skin from the sunlight, which is the one that causes sunburns.

Bottled Water

Having bottled water with you will save you a little bit of money at the ballpark, as the drinks that are available for purchase at the venue would often have ridiculous prices. However, there are strict rules in some stadiums about the water container that you will bring at a baseball game. These stadiums will only allow you to bring water if it is contained within a soft plastic container and a factory-sealed cap. In addition, the water should be unfrozen.

Bag of Snacks

In addition to bottled water, you should bring with you a bag of snacks so that you can save more money while watching a baseball game. Similar to drinks, the prices for snacks inside the stadium or ballpark can usually be pretty high, so baseball fans would recommend just bringing snacks with you instead of buying them at the venue. But, make sure to read the rules and regulations of the stadium first so that you will know what items or snacks are not allowed inside. If there are snacks that you brought that are prohibited in the ballpark, they may just get confiscated.


In an unfortunate instance where your seats are too far away from the field, you can bring binoculars so that you will have a better view of the game. Furthermore, a pair of binoculars is also helpful if you want to observe particular players or movements within the field, which can help if you are also practicing how to play baseball or honing your skills in batting, pitching, and catching.


baseball game at night

If there are particular moments with your friends, family, or within the ball game that you want to cherish, you should have a camera ready so that those moments can be captured in a photo that will make you remember how much you cherished them. 

A camera can also be used to record or capture a winning moment in a baseball game, as most winning moments are considered legendary in the future. If you just want to take a photo of yourself and your friends or family while watching a game, you can easily do that by using the camera on your smartphone. But, if there are moments in the field that you want to capture, a smartphone camera may not be enough for the photograph to capture the moment clearly, so you may need to bring with you a DSLR camera or other high-end cameras.


watching a baseball game

The last item that you need to have at a baseball game is a souvenir. A souvenir is a great item to have to perfectly encapsulate the experience at the ballpark. If you have witnessed a legendary event during a baseball game, you can get a souvenir in the stadium so that whenever you see the souvenir, you will be reminded of the event that you have watched.

Souvenirs can come in different forms for baseball games, as they can be jerseys, bobble-head figures, or signed memorabilia. There are souvenirs for all kinds and sizes of budgets, so you can buy one even if you don’t have plenty of money in your wallet.

So, those are just the essential items that you will need to have in order to have a fun day at the ballpark. Be sure to bring a tote bag or handbag with you so that you can store most of these items in just one container.