What Items Do You Need to Go the Car Races?

Knowing precisely what stuff to bring in every auto racing event is second nature to veteran racers. You can expect to see racers with their specialized footwear, helmets, gloves, head and neck restraints, and racing suits as mandated by the auto racing’s governing body. But, behind the scenes, most racers still have extra stuff tucked in somewhere in their cars and other equipment and tools taken care of by their crew.

These tools are not simply for showing off, though. Governing bodies for auto racing require participants mainly to ensure drivers’ and spectators’ safety and wellness. And they provide hefty sanctions for violating such mandate.

For amateur racers, the number of required staff needed to participate in racing events legally can be daunting, to begin with, not to mention the cash involved. But, if the person is committed to fulfilling his destiny as a racer, nothing really stands in his way, right? 

So, what are these items exactly, and how essential are they in the life of a racing enthusiast? Let’s go find out.


Driver Essentials

1. Driver Cooling System

Every experienced racer would agree of the overwhelming heat build-up inside the car during races. Even when the temperature plummets down during the winter season, it does little to no help cooling down the car’s interior. Racing suits with cooling systems are developed to counter this situation.

COOL SHIRT System is an example of commercially available suits that ensure drivers and crews stay comfortably cool even in the hottest days of summer races. It uses an ice-based, water-cooling system, balancing the temperature rise inside the car, giving no room for discomfort, so the driver can focus on winning that title more than his sweat. 

2. Extra Pair of Gloves

Ridiculous as it may sound, but did you know racing gloves are one of the most frequently lost items during race days? It is so because drivers often take their gloves on and off throughout the event, and sometimes stuff goes miraculously missing. Gloves are pretty essential in driver safety and comfort as you don’t want to end up with sweaty, slippery hands that could cost you the game.

Wise racers would undoubtedly stow at least an extra pair of gloves safe in the car for those unprecedented moments. You can worry later about the missing gloves later (or not); what’s important is you can quickly get back to the game.

a white PUMA driving glove

3. Extra Pair of Socks and Footwear

It is always wise to have extras in everything, especially if the items are integral to winning the race. For instance, having an additional pair of socks and shoes would come pretty handy should you need a couple of fresh footwear. Well, given the intensity of, let’s say, endurance races, the temperature rise is expected, and your feet won’t be safe from moisture build-up that frequently comes with a nasty odor.

4. Extra Balaclava

Balaclava is a protective headgear that covers the entire face except for the eyes. For the same purpose, we should have extra socks and footwear, so should we have a spare balaclava to avoid that sticky, annoying feeling on our faces. A different headgear like this is pretty convenient, especially if you plan to race along through long durations during the summer season.

5. Tinted Helmet Shield

Sometimes it’s not your fellow racers that get the best of you – it’s the weather. Weathers are too unpredictable, and any veteran racer would agree to that. One minute it’s all clear and cloudy; the next, it’s all too sunny and glary. Having a tinted helmet shield lets your headgear adapt to any weather and will be there to save you from the distracting glare of the sun, which will cost you that millisecond of winning the race.

WTCC Champion Andy Priaulx with a HANS device

Race Car Essentials

6. Rescue Tape

It was named rescue tape for all the good reasons. This tool will literally be your saving grace when things turn out quite unexpectedly south. The rescue tape is developed to work on nasty and problematic surfaces, such as greasy tubes and wirings. 

Its incredible adhesive prowess can temporarily seal leaking hoses, cover exposed metal fittings, and organize wirings under the hood to ensure that your car is in its optimal condition. The best thing about it is that it comes at an affordable price.

7. Battery Powered Wrenches

This equipment is a lifesaver for your crew and race team. Impact guns powered by batteries reduce manual labor and time for the mechanic to work on your car. Time is pretty essential in races, and having tools like this dramatically improves your team’s efficiency and your car’s performance.

Some of these tools have wireless, meaning they will be easier to handle and more convenient should the need to swap and switch tires arise. 

8. Portable Air Tank

Another essential, must-have piece of equipment for your racing team is a portable air tank. Keeping your tires in optimal shape will have lesser issues when you can carry around your air supply. You won’t need to drag hoses and stuff during pit stops – it saves your team time and energy so that they can prioritize other matters than the hassle of mobility.