Why Is Cheddar Cheese so Popular?

Cheddar is the king of cheeses. In a Branston survey, Cheddar is favored most among Britons. Mozzarella and Red Leicester followed it.

According to IlluminatingFacts.com, Cheddar is so popular not only in the UK but also in the world. This type of cheese is versatile. Anyone can enjoy a cheddar on a portion of pasta, crackers, sandwich or eat it as it is. You can find cheddar cheese in most refrigerators around the globe.

There are many reasons why most children and adults alike choose cheddar over another cheese. Cheddar also comes in different types. There are traditional, sharp, and super sharp cheddar available in the markets. 

Other types of cheddar include blue cheddar, aged cheddar, colby, and young cheddar. The young cheddar smells mild.

This type of cheddar cheese is also milky and slightly sweet. In contrast, aged cheddar has an earthy aroma.

Cheddar comes with various features that are unique of their own. This cheese has its distinction from its sweetness to tanginess.

Cheddar got its name from an English village Cheddar in Somerset. People accidentally discovered the making of cheddar.

Cheddar cheese

Around the 12th century, a milkmaid had left a pail of milk in Cheddar Gorge cave, and when she returned to retrieve the milk, she discovered that it had solidified. 

The cave’s temperature and humidity helped in the process. What followed was that the village people started storing their cheese in the caves. 

It then became popular throughout England, particularly among the wealthy elite. King Henry II himself allegedly purchased more than 10,000 pounds of cheddar sometime in 1170 because he loved this type of cheese so much.

In the early 1800s, the first English immigrants settled in Wisconsin and brought their love for making cheddar. Eventually, Wisconsin became the center of cheddar-making in the US. Today, this type of cheese is the most sought-after dairy product. 

Of the types of cheddar, the super sharp cheddar cheese is the most popular one. The sharp cheddar traditionally has a slightly yellow shade. However, the yellow tint also depends on the kind of variety. 

Cheddar naturally comes in light, creamy yellow. However, in some stores, you can find cheddar with milky white and even bright orange colors. 

Cheddar cave

The more orange color was made by using a natural dye known as annatto. This dye is used to color the milk used for cheesemaking.

You can make cheddar cheese at home. Fresh cow milk makes a great cheddar cheese. 

The process for making cheddar is the same as many other kinds of cheese. The making of cheddar starts with culturing milk and the mixture of starter bacteria, which brings acid to the milk until it forms curds.

You separate the fresh curds from the whey. Next, you heat the curds and press them, a process known as cheddaring. The cheesemaker can vary the temperature, pressing time, and other features that are left behind. 

Cheddar is not only delicious, but it is also full of minerals and nutrients. One gram of cheddar gives 200 milligrams of calcium and 7 grams of protein. As a dairy product, cheddar also comes with 30 milligrams of cholesterol, 10 grams of fat, 120 calories per gram, and 6 grams of saturated fat.

Judging by this information, it is also advised that you should not overindulge in eating cheddar, but consume it in moderation. The fats will harm you if you overdo them.

Cheddar cheese-

Some reasons why cheddar cheese is famous around the world


Once a cheddar cheese starts to melt in your mouth, it makes it more irresistible. Cheddar is best for topping on toast. This type of cheese easily melts. It goes well with nachos, grilled cheese, and potatoes, as Godminster recommends.


Cheddar caters to all kinds of tastes, from mild to mature. 

You can eat cheddar right away, biting every block of it. You can also have a chunk of cheddar and carry it to your mouth with a sandwich. You can add it to a cheesy dish such as cheesy mashed potatoes or cheesy mac.  

Loved by all

People in all walks of life widely enjoy cheddar. This is the reason why it is known as the most favorite cheese in UK. It attracts all kinds of people, whether they are cooking a pizza or any recipe.


Cheddar can go with various recipes. 

This type of cheese is also an ideal accompaniment to different kinds of drinks. You can have it for a starter, dessert, or a main course. Cheddar looks good and tastes even better on a cheese board for dessert paired with a sweet wine. It is best with whiskey or even with other fruits like pear or apple.

Drinks to pair with cheddar

A mature beverage with some sweetness is best with cheddar. Some drinks that can go perfectly well with cheddar are:


Pinot Noir


Single-malt Scotch


Belgian ale


Barrel-aged Gin



Some dishes to pair with cheddar



Cooked vegetables

Cooked grains