5 Essential Activities for New Parents

For everyone in this world, parenthood is not less than a blessing. You not only go through an evolution physically and mentally but also have a little and cuter version of you. However, no one talks about those, who are new at parenting and most of the time just confused, as to what to feed their baby, whether it’s time for a diaper change, etc. Most of them feel like they’re stuck on a hamster wheel, and are in a constant loop of doing the same repetitive things. This beautiful yet sudden change in lifestyle leaves most of the new parents with stress and anxiety. In such cases, it’s recommended for them to adapt some fun and productive activities that will not only benefit them but also their newborns. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Pre-birth Counseling

Pre-birth Counseling

Most of the people who’re experiencing parenthood for the first time get stressed out about trivial matters. It’s pretty normal for a person to get nervous because of a first-time experience at anything. To minimize such feelings, it’s suggested that new parents must sign up for co-parenting counseling sessions. This way, they’ll be prepared for most of the unannounced events that a little bundle of joy is going to bring along with himself. 

There are many types of counseling sessions for new parents. Most of them are organized by parenting experts and specialists. There is no shame and stigma in getting some help beforehand. During the counseling, new parents are taught to deal with unforeseen circumstances, and their mental health is tested. Mostly, they are focused on familiarizing the new parents with the art of ‘teamwork’. It’s no doubt that they need to work together to get things done and it’s not a one-man job. The most important aspect of pre-birth counseling is ‘work-life balance’. Mostly, new parents fail at finding a middle ground. The specialists provide them with tips to balance work and family

2. Ensure the Safety

Ensure the Safety

The first and foremost thing that new parents need to do is ensure the safety of their babies. Newborn babies mostly move haphazardly and crawl into the nooks and crannies of the house. They can put their hands in electrical circuits or even trip down on the floor. Their bodies are sensitive, and that’s why parents need to pay extra attention to their safety. As a new parent, you need to make sure that there are no harmful objects in the baby’s surroundings. He’s always in his crib or the ‘specific safe area’.

Make sure that there are no open circuits in the house. Even if the baby ends up leaving his place and crawls somewhere else in the house, he doesn’t end up getting hurt due to any reason. If you’re finding it difficult to pay attention and be with him 24/7, hiring a babysitter can be of great help. When you’ve important work to do or cover some deadlines, a babysitter can look after the baby and even play with him. The key is to never leave your child alone. He must be under the supervision of someone every time.   

3. Take Help from Elders

Take Help from Elders

Being a new parent for the first time can be a beautiful yet stressful experience for most people. Coping with sudden and drastic changes can often take a toll on your physical and mental health. In such circumstances, taking help from your elders can go a long way. You can always reach out to your parents, or grandparents for their help and guidance. Sometimes, people even consult with their friends who’re parents, and sharing a similar experience simplifies a lot of things. 

A newborn baby is not less than a pregnant woman. Alongside smiles and giggles, he’ll throw tantrums and mood swings every other second and make you question your coping methods. Do not panic and talk it out with your elders. Through their experiences, learn to deal with the medical emergencies, irregular sleep patterns, and food cycle of the babies. Mostly, new parents can’t understand a baby’s language and what are his actual needs or what’s he crying for. However, elders can easily understand and interpret them quickly. 

4. Bonding with the Baby

Bonding with the Baby

Last but not the least, as a new parent, bonding with your baby is the most intricate part of the process. Sometimes, it gets complicated to understand a newborn baby. However, one thing that can almost solve all of the problems is to make him feel safe and at home. Both physically and emotionally. Although a newborn child doesn’t have the intellect to understand the depth of kind and loving gestures, he’ll surely respond more actively when he feels safe and loved. The initial stages are the most trivial ones, and one should not ignore them.

Think of your newborn baby as just another adult and speak to him, spend time with him. Even if it’s just 10 minutes or 10 hours, try to leave some time in your day for the baby. It’s his time. He should be at the center of all the focus and attention that you’ve to offer. Hold him. Play with him. Eat with him. You can also imitate his activities and add more fun things to them. Make him learn new and fun things every day. It’s a universal rule that love moves everything. Your baby can feel the love and warmth, and if he feels valued and loved, this will help him nourish beautifully, thus growing up as a good human being. 

5. Language and Speaking Activities

Language and Speaking Activities

As a new parent, you can also arrange some fun activates to develop the language and speaking skills of your newborn baby. It’s medically proven that children often adopt the words and gestures from their surroundings. To improve this learning process, you should read any book aloud. Try to sing ABCs with different fun accents or just go along with your favorite Adele song. Additionally, search for some nursery rhymes and soothing lullabies that will keep the babies busy and leave their tiny brains intrigued. Children see. Children learn. Leave them wandering around the house and keep pointing out some of your favorite keepsakes.

Touch and recite several body part names, such as arms, legs, nose, and toes. Make learning fun for them. Have some pretend conversations about the changing weather. Read comic books or the ones that are more focused on graphics. Keep saying his name over and over again. Talk to your children when they’re out of your sight, e.g. when he’s in the crib and you’re in the bathroom, to develop a sense of security and belongingness. 

Parenthood – Messy yet Wholesome Experience 

Parenthood - Messy yet Wholesome Experience

There is always a first time for everything. So is the case with parenthood. It’s pretty normal to have mixed feelings about entering into this new and changed stage of life. It’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead but it’ll turn into a smooth one in no time. To be a good parent, you just have to make sure that this human version of yours turns out to be a nice human being, and is a worthy addition into this world, and not just another human that’s breathing and existing.