What Are the Only Things You Need for a New Home?


Moving into a new home is an experience that is equal parts exciting and stressful. Whether you are a first-time buyer or moving into a larger (or smaller) space, ensuring that you have all of the necessary items is essential in helping the process run smoothly and can be very satisfying. However, it can be challenging to keep track of all the things you need for a new house, particularly given the fact that a great deal will depend on the things you already own and the things that come with your new home.

Here is a helpful checklist that will help you stay organized and gather all the necessary items. It can also assist you in creating a budget for your move and ensuring that you have everything in place before you move.

Things You Need for a New Home

1. Cleaning Supplies

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In preparation for the most important step of moving into your first home, which is most likely going to be meticulously cleaning every nook and cranny, here is a compiled list of items that you need to get in advance.

House necessities:

  • Cleaning wipes and spray

When you need to clean some dirty surfaces, pick up a few bottles of cleaning spray and some disinfectant wipes from the store. It’s nice to start a new home off with a clean slate, even if it is a brand-new home.

  • Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning up after moving day, having a vacuum cleaner that is in good working order will be necessary. If you have wood floors, you should invest in a vacuum that is designed to avoid scratching the surface while it is being used on wood flooring.

  • Toilet Cleaner

By using toilet cleaner and a fresh brush, you can ensure that the toilets are spotless.

  • Garbage and Recycling Cans

You should have two cans that you can store either under the sink or in a cabinet that is not being used. Invest in some additional cans to stock the bathrooms and other rooms with.

  • Trash Bags

Remember that you need to purchase a package of trash bags to use your cans.

Other things you might need: 

  • Duster

When you need to clean dust and cobwebs from places that are difficult to access, a duster that has an extension pole is an excellent tool to use.

  • Wood Cleaner

Before moving your furniture into your new home, you may want to give the wood floors a good polish if they are made of wood. It is recommended that you purchase a liquid wood cleaner as well as a rag to use for wiping down the flooring.

  • Cleaning Gloves

Invest in a pair of rubber cleaning gloves to keep your hands clean and protect them from potential chemical exposure. These are wonderful for cleaning any area of the home, as well as the dishes when you need to wash them.

  • Robot Vacuum

If you are the type of person who would rather not have to constantly vacuum, investing in a robot vacuum can make this task as simple and uncomplicated as it possibly can be.

2. Safety Supplies

After that, you should move on to the list of items that includes safety tools and appliances. Do you know whether or not your detectors are functioning properly? Have you checked to see if you have a fire extinguisher on hand? Please take your time to check the items listed below. 

House necessities:

  • Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Your new home should have had an inspection to ensure that it has up-to-date detectors, but you should still check to make sure that each one has batteries that are still operational. Installing detectors is simple, and they require very little maintenance once they’re set up.

  • Fire Extinguisher

You should look for a fire extinguisher that serves multiple purposes and can put out all three types of fires that can occur in the home: electrical, grease, and wood/cloth.

  • First-Aid Kit

Sanding surfaces or hanging picture frames are two examples of activities in which you should be prepared for the occurrence of unanticipated minor injuries. Bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, cold compresses, and antibiotic ointment should be included in your kit. Latex gloves, antiseptic wipes, and antiseptic wipes should also be included.

  • New Door Lock

To ensure that your house is as secure as it can be, you should consider installing a new door lock in place of the one that is currently installed. You can avoid having to keep track of a physical key by having a smart keyless lock that instead requires you to enter a passcode to gain access.

Other things you might need:

  • Flashlight

You should also consider stocking up on flashlights, as well as batteries and replacement bulbs so that you are prepared for any power outages that may occur in the future. If your home does not have a lot of overhead lighting and you have not yet arranged any lamps, they can come in handy.

  • Lockbox or Small Vault

Investing in a small lockbox or vault is a good idea if you want to ensure the safety of your treasured possessions and important documents during the move. There are versions available that are resistant to fire.

  • Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell might be a good place to begin installing a home security system if you don’t want to shell out the money for the whole package. These devices connect to your Wi-Fi and can display a live view of your front door to provide peace of mind.

3. Maintenance Supplies

Here are some must-haves for all of your home maintenance requirements, so that you can keep your new home operating efficiently.

House necessities:

  • Tool Kit

When putting together furniture or performing other types of maintenance in the future, having a tool kit on hand will prove to be helpful. Hammers, drills, screwdrivers, measuring tape, and pliers are examples of home-improvement tools that every homeowner should have.

  • Light Bulb

Always be sure to have some spare light bulbs on hand in case any of the existing ones need to be replaced. Invest in LED light bulbs, which not only have a low impact on the environment but also significantly reduce energy consumption.

  • Batteries

In addition to buying light bulbs, you should also get a variety of batteries that can be utilized in a wide range of electronic devices.

  • Ladder

A ladder is useful to have around because it allows you to reach high places like your ceiling or roof. There are also extendable ladders available, which can be adjusted to accommodate people of varying heights.

4. Bedroom Essentials

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Here are some of the most important things you’ll need to get started creating the bedroom of your dreams.

  • Bedding

A new set of bedding can infuse your bedroom with a breath of fresh air and revitalize the space. To add a layer of coziness, consider purchasing throw pillows and a plush throw blanket.

  • Hangers

Don’t forget to bring hangers with you if you have access to a closet. During your move, it is a good idea to stock up on several new sets of hangers just in case any of the old ones break.

  • Bed Frame

A bed frame will not only provide support for the mattress, but it may also make space underneath the bed available for storage.

  • Nightstands

If you don’t have a matching set of nightstands, your bedroom just isn’t finished. Find two nightstands that are a perfect match for your bed frame, or give your old nightstands a new look by painting them with a bold color.

Other things you might need:

  • Iron and Ironing Board

Invest in an iron and ironing board and keep them in a hallway closet or your bedroom closet to ensure that your clothes remain wrinkle-free and in the best condition possible. You can keep your clothes wrinkle-free without having to iron them if you use a small steamer instead, which is another tool you can use to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

  • Bedside Lamps

Choose a couple of straightforward lamps to set atop your nightstands so that additional light can be introduced into the space.

  • Mattress Topper

Your bedroom isn’t complete until you have a pair of nightstands that go together and match your bedside table. Find two nightstands that are a perfect match for your bed frame, or give your old nightstands a new look by painting them with vibrant colors. Both of these options will look great in your bedroom.

Tip: Keeping your clothing items on hangers will make it much simpler to organize them inside the closet in your bedroom. Make use of a trash bag or another cover to wrap the clothes. After that, you can transport your clothing directly onto the rack, eliminating the need to hang each piece of clothing individually a second time.

5. Living Room Essentials

Your living room will feel more cozy and finished with the addition of the items in this list, which are all home furnishings.

Home necessities:

  • Seating

You really ought to have some seating in your living space, both for when you have visitors over and for when you just want to kick back and relax. It is sufficient to have a large sofa as well as one or two comfortable chairs in addition to an abundance of lighting.

  • Window Coverings

It’s possible that the blinds and drapes in your new home were installed by the previous owners, but if there are any missing parts or if they don’t work properly, you’ll need to replace them. Adding sheer curtains on top of the new coverings will provide additional privacy while still enabling natural light to enter the room.

  • Modem and Router

Move-in day is a good time to test your modem and router if you plan to use the internet at your new residence, which is why you should do so well in advance. It is a good idea to have access to the internet so that you can look up answers to any questions that might come up.

Other things you might need:

  • Extension Cords

If a room doesn’t have a lot of electrical outlets, it will be helpful to have some extension cords on hand.

  • Coffee Table

The presence of a coffee table in the room’s focal point can give the impression that the space is more finished. Complete the look by including your go-to warm candle and some of your favorite books.

  • TV

It’s likely that when you think of entertainment, television comes to mind. Adjust the placement of your sofas and chairs so that you have the best view possible.

  • Rug

The addition of a large rug to your living room, particularly if it has hardwood floors or carpeting with a rough texture, can help the room feel cozier. Choose one with muted tones that will blend in with your furniture or with colorful accents that will make it stand out.

6. Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen, which serves as the heart of the home, can hold an infinite number of things; however, the following is a list of the most essential basics.

House necessities:

  • Plates and Silverware

There is no requirement for an extensive collection of dishware and utensils to be purchased by you. Nevertheless, you should buy enough to cover everyone in your household, plus one or two additional sets for people who visit.

  • Appliances and Cookware

In the same way, you only need to invest in the most fundamental pieces of cookware, such as a handful of pans and pots. Before moving in, you will be able to determine whether or not your kitchen comes equipped with standard appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher.

  • Dish Soap

Get a big bottle of dish soap and put it in the cabinet that’s located underneath your kitchen sink. If you have a dishwasher, you should remember to buy dishwasher pods or soap for the dishwasher.

Other things you might need:

  • Knives

Purchasing a high-quality knife set might turn out to be a wise investment decision. Don’t forget to pick up some honing steel or a sharpener so that you can keep your knives in tip-top shape.

  • Cabinet Liners

You can buy liners to place on the bottom of your drawers and cabinets to keep them clean, and you can do so at a variety of different price points.

Tip: Utilize containers that are see-through to neatly store your food items and create a visually appealing kitchen. Spices and mix packets are two examples of items that can be grouped and stored in the same container.

7. Bathroom Essentials

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The following are some items that, when combined, will help your bathrooms achieve a more luxurious and visitor-friendly atmosphere.

House necessities:

  • Shower Curtain and Liner

Typically, these items are not included with newly constructed homes, so you will need to purchase a new shower curtain and a clean liner for each full bathroom. Remember that you’ll need a curtain rod to hang your new liners.

  • Bathmat 

Invest in a bath mat to reduce the amount of water that pools on the floor after you step out of the shower, which will help prevent the growth of mold.

  • Plunger

Because it’s impossible to predict when a toilet will become clogged, it’s important to keep a plunger in the maintenance closet just in case it happens.

Other things you might need:

  • Guest Towels

Towels that are used daily are more likely to become discolored or worn out than towels that are used only for guests. If you frequently have people over, it is a good idea to keep a separate set of towels just for your visitors.

Tip: To maintain order among your bathing necessities, invest in a beautiful shower caddy that can be hung from the corner of your shower or the arm of your shower.


When moving into a new house, there are certain things that you will always need to purchase, regardless of whether this is your first time moving or you have moved many times before. Even though buying things for your new house is essential, it can put a strain on your finances, particularly after a major investment such as purchasing a home.

You can make moving to a new home an easy and stress-free experience with the right amount of planning and organization before the big day. You can ensure that you have everything you require to settle in comfortably in your new home by using this list of things that are needed for a new home.