What Are the Only Things You Need for a Visit to Disney World?


The items that are considered to be essential for a trip to Disney World are those that should be packed by guests regardless of the time of year or the best weather for Disney World. The following things are considered to be necessities for your in-park bag or toiletries by Disney, and it is strongly recommended that you bring them with you if you want to have a comfortable and enjoyable time while you are out and about in the world. 

The days spent at Walt Disney World can be long, exhausting, and even dangerous if you don’t pack appropriately for the range of temperatures that can be expected throughout the day. To ensure that you are adequately prepared for whatever may come your way, you can use this helpful list. Having said all of that, the following list of items to bring to Disney is just a suggestion, and you don’t need to bring everything to have a wonderful time! You are free to modify these lists in any way that works best for your family and the trip you are taking, provided that you don’t forget a few essential basic needs.

Top Essentials for a Visit to Disney World

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1. Travel Documents/Tickets/Wallets

The essential papers and information that you will require are not only going to be the most useful items for you to bring with you to Disney World, but they are also going to be among the most important. If you have made reservations for things like transportation, airline tickets, or hotel rooms, among other things, you will want to double-check that you either have email confirmations or, failing that, hard copies. It is recommended that you double-check, and then triple-check, that you have your wallet and identification with you before you leave.

2. Comfortable Shoes

If you don’t bring the appropriate footwear on your trip to Walt Disney World, it could turn into a living nightmare. When preparing your luggage for a trip to Disney World, keep in mind that you may walk more than 10 miles per day and that you will need comfortable shoes for the trip.

3. Backpack or Park Bag

When asking what you need for Disney World, a park bag is necessary and, in our opinion, the single most important thing to take into consideration.  The days spent at theme parks are long, and bringing a well-packed backpack with you into the park will save you a lot of time and hassle. Going back to the hotel to pick up some miscellaneous items such as bandages, fans, chargers, and snacks. Once you enter the theme parks, you never know what is going to happen, so having ample space to hold your medications, napkins, or even souvenirs takes a significant load off your shoulders.

4. Water Bottle

It is essential that you bring a water bottle with you to Disney World no matter what time of year you plan to go. In the summer, if you don’t intend on bringing a water bottle that you can reuse, you should make preparations to buy multiple cold bottles of water once you get to the park. Heat stroke is a significant risk during this time of year. It is highly recommended that you bring along a kid-sized version of each item for each child when traveling with young children.

5. Sunscreen

When considering what to bring to Disney World, given that the sun will be shining and shining very brightly, sunscreen ought to be at the very top of the list.  To keep your skin from getting burned during the day, you will need to reapply sunscreen several times throughout the course of the day. Sunscreen is an absolute necessity, and it’s especially important to use it when you’re going to be sweating in the summer or lounging by the pool.

6. Extra Bags

If you are going to be staying at one of the hotels in the Disney area, you might want to bring some additional bags with you in case you get any of your clothes wet or dirty while you are there. If this happens to you, you can easily put your shoes in a plastic bag to protect the rest of your clothing from getting wet. This also applies to your swimwear, if you want to sneak in one more swim before you check out of your hotel.

7. Sunglasses

Because of their diminutive size, sunglasses are frequently left off the list of items that should be brought to Disney World. On summer days, the sun is both extremely hot and extremely bright, making it rather unpleasant to go about one’s daily activities without wearing sunglasses. There are a lot of activities that take place outside at Disney, and the lines for food are frequently set up outside, in direct sunlight. 

8. Cooling Devices

There are times when the heat at Disney can be intolerable, and when combined with the increasing number of guests inside the parks, it can feel even worse. If you are planning a trip to Disney, it is in your best interest to bring cooling towels, handheld fans, mister fans, and neck fans with you so that you can have a much easier time coping with the heat. On the internet, you can find an infinite number of variants, the most important of which are cordless or battery-operated versions, which make them more convenient.

9. Compact External Charger/Phone Chargers

As a result of Disney’s recent launch of the Disney Genie, visitors have been turning to their mobile devices for a significantly greater portion of the vacation preparation process. Because of this, the battery life of your mobile device will deplete much more quickly than usual, which can be an issue if you need to use it to navigate the venue. There are now portable external chargers that are small enough to fit easily in a pocket or a park bag, and they can keep all of your electronic devices fully charged so that you can continue the magic planning.

10. Ponchos

Your family will be grateful if you bring ponchos with you to Disney World because it will almost certainly rain while you are there, and you should plan for this possibility. You can either purchase long-lasting ones that you can wear throughout the journey or you can find packages of disposable ones on the internet that come folded up nicely in small packages.

Disney World Packing Tips

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1. Do Not Overpack or Under pack

Even though you might be tempted to leave space for souvenirs, you shouldn’t because it increases the risk that the items will shift, crumple, or break. Dry cleaner bags can be used to fill in any empty spaces, and you can use them later to store mementos from your trip. It is essential that you do not overpack, particularly if you are only bringing a carry-on bag, as this will almost certainly result in creases in your clothing and can make it significantly more difficult to repack your belongings when you return home or move on to another location.

2. Plan Outfits In Coordinated Colors

It is much simpler to mix and match your wardrobe if you pack your clothes in colors that coordinate with one another. When packing for a trip, having a limited palette to choose from gives you the most options for different outfit combinations.

3. Plan for the Weather

There is a wide variety of weather that can be experienced at Disney World, and it can change significantly even within a single day. 

Each different kind of weather calls for slightly different adjustments to your packing. For instance, whether you’re going on a trip in the spring or the summer, it’s a good idea to pack some light layers. These come in handy on chilly mornings or nights, as well as when the bus’s air conditioning is ice cold.

Bring extra pairs of shoes and socks because the rainy season lasts for a significant portion of the year. After spending the day walking around in wet shoes, changing into clean socks and shoes that are completely dry is a welcome relief.

If you plan on going to Disney World during the winter, you should bring along some warmer clothes like gloves and coats just in case the temperature drops.

4. Pack using Packing Cubes

You can keep your clothing organized by using packing cubes: put your underwear in one, your workout clothes and pajamas in another, and your pants, shirts, and dresses in a garment folder that folds flat and is compressed. After that, you can put the packing cubes to use in the hotel as drawer organizers there.

5. Bring cooling items

It is highly recommended that you either bring a neck fan with you to Disney World or invest in a cooling towel to assist you in preventing heat exhaustion while you are there. It can be very unpleasant to wait in line for a ride outside where there is no moving air, so it is best to be prepared ahead of time rather than having to buy a misting bottle inside the amusement park. If you want your back to remain cool while carrying your backpack, you can also freeze water bottles made of plastic and pack them in your bag.

6. Keep Important Medications in Your Purse

Even if you intend to bring your bag with you, there is still a possibility that you will be required to check it at the gate. If you keep your medication in your purse, you won’t be without it even if the overhead compartments become full and you are forced to check the bag you were carrying on with you.

Things to Consider When Visiting Disney World

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1. Visiting During Major Holidays

The only times you have to yourself are indeed on the weekends and holidays. If you do this, however, you should prepare yourself to wait in line for extended periods (hours at a time). During busy times of the year and on days when they don’t have to go to work, a large number of people visit Disney parks. You’ll be surrounded by thousands of other guests who have the same desire as you do to go on a ride and have fun. If you don’t mind standing in line and being around more people, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you; however, you should be aware that you won’t be able to participate in every activity. The process of waiting in line will consume the majority of your time.

2. Long Queue

Never try to cut the queue. The term “jumping” is frequently used in Disney. It merely indicates that you delegate someone else to wait in line on your behalf while you and the rest of your party take advantage of the other location. Just before you go on the ride, the person in front of you calls your name, and then you and all of your children cut in front of everyone else. Just don’t do it. Observe the most important rule, which states that if you are not riding, you must be in line. You make a mess of the standby line estimator and irritate the people who are behind you in line in the process. In addition to that, doing so is an excellent way to be removed from the line entirely. Tell the person behind you in line that you have to use the restroom and ask them to hold your place for a minute or two. After that, get back in line as quickly as you can.

3. Using a Fast Pass

You don’t want to stand in line, and you don’t have the energy to spend the whole day loitering around anyway. There is an answer to this, but you will need to ensure that you are also willing to spend a little bit more money. Visitors to Disney World can purchase a fast pass to save time. You simply need to be present when the park opens, and after that, you’ll have unfettered access to all of the rides. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to see the park both before it opens and after it closes for the day. You will conclude that the additional cost was well worth it in the end because it will allow you to fully appreciate every moment rather than wasting time waiting in line.

4. Reservations for Dining

If you have experience with children, you are aware of how irritable they can become when they are hungry. You decide to look for the nearest restaurant and discover that there will be a significant wait before you can be seated there. Because of this, you will have to put up with a lot of crying and whining until you are served, which is quite an inconvenient situation for you. Be aware that despite the incredible variety of dining options that Disney provides, some of the restaurants frequently reach capacity, particularly during high-traffic times of the year. Making a reservation for a seat a few weeks in advance to ensure that you have first dibs on everything is the most efficient way to accomplish this goal.

5. Height Requirements

Some rides can be quite dangerous. As a result, they have established stringent height requirements, which you are required to adhere to, particularly if you are traveling with a child. Some parents are sneaky and try to game the system by giving their children shoes with heels to avoid paying taxes. There are good reasons for these rules, but the primary one is that breaking them can be harmful. There is a possibility that the seatbelts and seat rails do not provide a secure enough hold for your child. You are aware of how potentially hazardous that is, right? Therefore, you shouldn’t even bother trying to get in line or try to charm your way through it.


As you can see, there are a lot of things that you ought to think about packing before going to Disney, and we highly recommend that you do so. Packing is such a difficult task to complete, but the items and tips that were discussed above will assist you in completing it. Your trip to Disney World will undoubtedly be enjoyable now that you have this information.