Important Items to Carry in a Handbag

Having a plan in place is essential because we go out of the house very frequently, it is essential for us to be ready whenever we do so. Here are handbag basics. 

1. Keys


Everyone should do this, but we all forget and get locked out. This is your key reminder! Keep a spare set in your handbag.

2. Pen/paper

Pen -paper

We’ve all needed a pen and paper in public. You always think your handbag has one, but it doesn’t. Why not carry a small pad of paper, post-it notes, and a pen?

3. Hand sanitizer and mask

Sanitizer & mask

Hand sanitizer and a mask are essential for keeping yourself and your community safe. Think of all the germs you may encounter in a day on public transit handrails, bathroom doorknobs, or your phone screen. Hand sanitizer shouldn’t replace washing your hands, but it’s handy when you can’t.

4. Tissues

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, 8% of US adults have hay fever. Even if you don’t have allergies, tissues can be useful after a spill, during an unexpected cold, or when your kid eats jelly with their hands.

5. Mints

Pack mints or gum to avoid awkward encounters after lunch. These are great for after meals and before impromptu meetings. You never know who you’ll meet, especially after a garlic-soaked pasta lunch.

6. Cosmetics

You’re ready for last-minute meetings or dinner parties donning a fashionable dress for a night out with makeup on. Eyeliner, lipstick, and lip balm are essentials for the day.

7. Hairbrush/Ties


Weather makes hair unruly during the day. Carry a compact hairbrush and hair ties so you’re always prepared. You’ll never worry about frizzy hair again. Short-handled hairbrushes take up less purse space. If you don’t want to go smaller, buy an extra hairbrush to keep in your purse for touch-ups.

8. Medicine & plasters


We often think of materialistic items a woman should carry in her handbag and forget medication and plasters. Depending on why you need medication, carrying a small amount is a good idea. Plasters are another handbag essential; we all underestimate how often our shoes rub, we cut ourselves, or a colleague or friend needs a plaster.

9. Portable battery charger

Portable battery charger

We all use our phones too much, and the batteries drain in a flash. Next, carry a portable phone charger. You may only need a portable charger once a month, but you should always have one. When your phone dies, you feel lost.

10. Extra pad/tampon

Pad - tampon

Menstruators should always have an extra tampon in case hormones go awry. It’s also nice to always have a tampon when asked.

11. Chapstick

Lip balm is a must on our list of handbag essentials if you want to avoid dry and chapped lips (at any time of the year). We recommend a stick so you can avoid putting your germ-filled finger into a lip balm pot and then applying it to your lips.

12. Umbrella

Unpredictable weather is a given. Always carry a foldable umbrella. You’ll never be caught off-guard and drenched again.

13. Snack and water bottle

Water  bottles

When running all day, stay hydrated. Carry a healthy snack to avoid binging on chips or cookies. Try beef jerky or almonds instead. If you carry snacks, use a zip-lock bag to keep your purse clean.

14. Safety Equipment

Keep safety items in your purse, but they’re probably unnecessary. To feel empowered, carry pepper spray, a whistle, or a personal alarm.

15. Perfume

Another must-have for every woman’s bag. A woman’s scent should linger.

16. USB flash drive


You must have a USB flash drive to take your friend’s latest movie or transfer work documents easily.

17. Hygiene Backups

You may always feel behind in life. In your rush to class or work, you may forget to brush your teeth or apply deodorant. Keep these and other travel-size hygienic backups in a pouch/bag.

18. Plastic Bags (s)

Plastic bags are always useful. Sandwich-size zip-top plastic bags can hold folded grocery bags. You can tuck this in your purse for emergencies.

19. Headphones


These are non-negotiable, whether you’re using them to listen to music or to avoid a stranger.

20. Hand care

Hand care is essential. Hand moisturizer, fingernail file, fingernail buffer, nail polish or strips, nail polish remover, and nail repair kit. You can also include disposable gloves.

21. Sunglasses and their carrying case

When the sun goes down, it’s time to put your glasses back in their case and into your purse. Don’t let them stay on your head.

22. Company cards

It’s all about networking these days, ladies. Keep a stack of business cards in your bag at all times.

23. Cell Phone

Cell phones are almost like an extension of our brain. Forgetting your phone means losing a day of your life because all of your contacts are dependent on it. So, whenever you’re about to leave the house, remember to grab your phone from the charging port.

24. Chocolates or candies

Keep some candies or chocolates in your purse for those dizzy times that seem to strike when we least expect it.

25. Card Holder


We live in a period where spending cash is not the preferred method of purchasing necessities. This means we’ll have to remember to bring our card bundle, which will include a range of debit and credit cards, as well as the loyalty cards we’ll ‘need’ for all stores. We recommend a cardholder for this so that you can keep all of your cards safe and together.

26. Band-Aids

Do you have any new shoes? Accident-prone? Or are you simply a firm believer in Murphy’s Law? Carry a few bandages in your purse in case the worst happens.

27. A type of recreation


If you grow bored, bring some modest entertainment alternatives with you. Pack a book or perhaps a tablet to keep you entertained if your purse allows it. Find short stories, poetry, or novels with short chapters that you may pick up and put down whenever you want. Do you only have a tiny purse with you? Instead, make sure your phone is stocked with games or podcasts.