Aids to Help the Elderly Reach in High Cabinets

A reach extender (also known as a grabber arm, helping hand, trash picker, picker-upper, extended gripper, long arm gripper, extended reach grabber, grabber tool, caliper, etc.) is a handheld mechanical tool used to extend a person’s reach when grabbing objects.

Grabbers have the ability to extend one’s reach from 26 inches to 40 inches. The large jaws of the tool can grip items ranging from bottles to small pieces of glass. Some even have built-in magnets that make it easier to pick up small metal objects like a set of keys.

What is the most effective grabber tool for seniors?

It will depend on the circumstances. For the most part, it’s safe to say that choosing a tool made of lightweight aluminum for comfort is a good idea. When combined with an ergonomic handle and trigger, you can expect a level of satisfaction and ease in picking up any item.

The key here is to understand the demands for your grabber. If the user frequently needs to reach for metallic objects, a tool with magnetic tips should be prioritized. A suction cup tip is preferred in other cases due to the amount of grip it provides. Like the kotastu table, a grabber is an indispensable home item.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Reacher Grabber Tool

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Capacity for Weight

This factor will be determined by the build quality of your reacher grabber. The best reacher grabbers typically have a capacity of 3-5 pounds.

Grabber that folds

A foldable grabber improves the product’s portability. When the user is concerned about carrying the item around on their person, this factor comes into play.

Adjustable Shaft measurement

When it comes to reach, the shaft length will, of course, be the limiting factor. The tricky part is that a longer reacher grabber may become too heavy to handle. In those cases, you’ll want something with a wider range of applications.

Grabber Weight is an important consideration because it affects comfort. With constant use, a heavy tool will simply cause fatigue in the user. That is extremely counterproductive.



The reacher grabber’s rotation allows users to pick up objects from a variety of angles. This is simply intended to remove as many mobility restrictions as possible. This is a more literal interpretation of the tools’ adaptability.

Grabbers with Magnets

The magnetic tip is not universally important, but it may be decisive for some. It’s an important feature to remember, especially if you know you’ll be picking up small metallic objects frequently.

Grabbers with Locking Jaws


One of the key features that easily sells the product is the locking jaw. The feature is intended to provide comfort by eliminating the need for users to maintain pressure when lifting objects. It ends up being extremely beneficial in terms of reducing long-term fatigue.

Triggers with Contoured Surfaces

A contoured trigger, another aid for increasing comfort, is intended to improve the ergonomics of the trigger handle. Isn’t it easy to imagine how a hard, straight-edged trigger would feel? Different businesses will approach this issue in different ways.

Handles that are Ergonomic

Of course, the handle must not be overlooked. When it comes to how long you can use the tool, an ergonomic handle is essential. After all, it will be the most important aspect of the tool.


It’s important to have access to a grabber because it’s useless if it’s not available when needed, which can be especially difficult for those with mobility issues. Keeping this in mind, many grabbers are designed to be easily stored and accessed.

Best deals for elderly cabinet reach

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1. Jellas Grabber Reacher Tool

This reacher grabber tool from Jella is a worthy option for elderly users due to its light weight and innovative design features suited for those with mobility issues. A grabber tool must be able to handle a variety of tasks in order to be useful, which this one does. Its large rubberized gripper jaws and 32-inch length allow it to grip a wide range of objects, and a magnetic tip makes picking up keys from the floor simple.

The rotating jaws and foldable shaft allow the user to grab objects from a variety of positions and angles. It also has some unique extra features, such as a handle with an integrated shoehorn that assists those who have difficulty bending over to put on their shoes. The aluminum construction keeps the weight of this grabber tool to a manageable 12 ounces.

2. Vive Step Stool with Handrail

This stylish finish drew my attention because, unlike some of the other stools, it did not appear to be medical equipment. Furthermore, its 9-inch step height is ideal for the majority of senior citizens. It also has a handle for added balance, making it ideal for those who require extra support while climbing a step. The stainless steel construction also left a lasting impression on me. It ensures that you will not need to purchase a new stool in the coming years. The anti-slip surface, combined with the non-slip rubber feet on the bottom, keeps the stool stable and safe for seniors.

This is an excellent step stool for seniors. It has every safety feature I can think of. Although this stool is best suited for bathing, I believe that seniors can use it anywhere in their homes.

It has some amazing features that make it one of the best step stools available. First and foremost, it is anti-slip. The bottom has anti-slip tips as well as a textured non-slip surface. This means that whoever gets on top of the stool will not slip easily.

3. Ettore Grip’n Grab 

While the Ettore Grip’n Grab lacks some features, it is a well-made, simple-to-use product at an affordable price. It’s available with a 32-inch or 50-inch arm, and both models have a 90-degree articulating head. The jaws’ rubber tips allow for precise control, and the aluminum construction is both lightweight and durable for everyday use.

Though it has a longer reach than the other tools we tested, the Grip’n Grab’s long aluminum frame is more prone to bending (and eventually breaking) than heavy-duty models. Also, while the grip is comfortable, it isn’t as soft as some of the other options on this list, which could lead to discomfort if the grabber is used frequently or with heavier items.

4. ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool 

This reacher’s main selling point is its foldable design, which allows for easy storage. The 32-inch arm is sufficient for most applications, and the aluminum alloy construction is sturdy enough for light use (though we don’t recommend using it to lift heavier objects).

The textured tip improves accuracy when grabbing small objects, and the full-hand grip is superior to a straight trigger grip because you’ll use your entire hand to close the claw. However, the handle is bare plastic, and closing it requires good grip strength, which may be uncomfortable for some users.

5. Pull Down Shelving

It’s a fantastic product because it allows you to reach items in your cabinet without overreaching and losing your balance. The shelf drops 10 inches and extends 14 3/4 inches from the cabinet. Most individuals will be able to reach anything on these shelves, even the knives you keep in your kitchen. It locks into place once the shelves are lowered. To reinstall the shelf, gently pull down on the shelves, which will unlock and allow you to glide it back up into the cabinet.

It does not have to be placed IN a cabinet. This product can also be used in the pantry, bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere else where items must be reached from above.

Pull-down shelves are a great addition to any kitchen for added safety, particularly for seniors.